AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development Kit

AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development  Kit
AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development  Kit
AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development  Kit
AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development  Kit
AQ500 OEM Prototype & Development  Kit
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The AQ500V3 development kit allows for rapid development of solutions using a large range of sensors: NDIR, Zr, electro-chemical and MOS. The kit provides all necessary hardware and software tools needed to create stand-alone applications.

The operating kernel and development software are provided on an as-used license. This means no special software licenses is required, there are no maintenance fees or subscriptions. Software updates are online and automated each time you use the software.

The AQ500 is programmed and configured via USB connection - no special programing tools required.

Modern architecture provides a simple layered approach: loader, kernel, configuration parameters and operating parameters.

AQ500 boards are delivered with all features fully enabled and tested.

In addition to off-the-shelf settings, we can per-configure kits to meet your custom specifications.

Contact for volume pricing, custom application development, and custom configuration options.

The unit you will purchase is an evaluation unit, fully populated with all optional features for immediate online ordering and dispatch. Please retain your order information as the product value will be credited to quantity orders, MRO 100 pieces.

Typical Applications

  • Environmental / Sampling Data Loggers
  • Industrial Controllers / Transmitters
  • Greenhouse / CO2 Generator Controllers
  • Remote Sensor Display Systems
  • Computer-Connected Sensing Units

Software Features

  • Easy to use development kit programs over USB.
  • Includes software for basic configuration of output, or sample code to build custom firmware with advanced functionality.
  • Sample code available.

Download Latest Software Here

  • Multiple industrial outputs for integration with existing technology:
  • 2- RS-485 Serial outputs
  • 1- 4-20mA Powered Loop Output
  • 24VAC/DC industry-standard input voltage accepted through switching regulator
  • USB to UART interface for PC communication and programming
  • Real-time Clock with coin-cell battery backup
  • 2Mbit EEPROM for storing data logs and measurements
  • 2 installed low current relays
  • 5V/3.3V supply buses for powering external sensors and devices
  • Reverse polarity battery connector
  • 20x2 Character Display backlit in controllable RGB colors
  • 2 Status Indicator Lights
  • 3 1A MOSFETS for controlling external buzzers and relays with PWM capabilities
  • Spare microcontroller pins brought out to .1” pins for interfacing with additional circuitry


  • 90 Days


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