Scientific & Medical

CO2 Monitors for Scientific and Medical Industries

    Scientists, Lab Technicians, and Researchers all work around inert gases in their respected work environments, yet recognize that although the inert gas can maintain pH levels, preserve specimens, and monitor apparatus; the gases can also be extremely hazardous to those working in and around them at too high of concentrations.  

    Whether it's your patient or test subject, there's little room for error. That's why our gas detection devices contain the most sensitive, precise, and accurate sensing technologies; providing you with the utmost in gas safety monitoring or analysis solutions.

    Our gas sensing technologies have been designed specifically for scientific and medical applications and measure from a wide range of gases - from carbon dioxide, oxygen, or ammonia - we have a device to suit your needs, requirements and use case.

    "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

    - Phillip Farrar
    Water Plant Superintendent

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