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HVAC Testing Tools

Monitor and Ensure Proper Ventilation of a Space - CO2MeterOur CO2 monitoring solutions are used to measure air composition in ventilation units to ensure the performance of HVAC testing in commercial buildings.

Benefits of CO2 sensors for HVAC testing include:

  • Consistent monitoring to ensure the air composition in ventilation units is at the correct standards of performance
  • Gain accurate indication to mitigate airborne illnesses from occurring and combat sick-building syndrome
  • Our CO2 sensors can aid in saving energy and lead to higher productivity rates and healthier environments for individuals in indoor areas like homes, classrooms, and office buildings
HVAC IAQ Monitor

What is a CO2 sensor in HVAC systems?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors are commonly used to measure the air composition in ventilation units to monitor the performance of HVAC systems in offices and commercial buildings. Because IAQ is a critical factor for overall health and wellbeing, these sensors are used to monitor and ensure proper ventilation of a space.


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