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CO2 Monitors for Stadiums

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CO2 Safety Tips for Stadiums

As a means of attracting more attendees, stadiums typically will provide or invest in custom co2 systems that create special effects such as smoke or fog. However, these special effect mobile and jet systems while intriguing to the eye, can pose severe hazards without proper CO2 monitors.

CO2 Safety Monitors for Stadiums and Venues

Because of the dangers that excessive CO2 gas exposure can result in (headaches, dizziness, rapid heart rate, fatigue, convulsions, and fatality) the OSHA guidelines have set forth specific requirements for monitoring exposure to CO2 for any industry that uses or produces carbon dioxide (CO2). These codes can be based on areas that use CO2 for special effects, beverage dispensing, storage, and much more.

Below is a list of our standard CO2 safety monitors that meet OSHA, NFPA, NBIC, and IFC requirements.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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