GSS announces world's fastest battery-powered NDIR CO2 sensor

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd, the LED-based NDIR detector specialists, continues to push the boundaries for CO2 detectors with the launch of its new SprintIR6S.  GSS' unique SmartIR™technology has enabled it to create a sensor that can take up to 20 readings per second, which is a world record for NDIR CO2 detectors, and has a six times faster response...
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Sampling Data Loggers Test CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

  Fire Systems, Inc. has installed, monitored and inspected fire protection systems in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area for the last 30 years. Many of Atlanta’s landmark buildings and facilities are protected by Fire Systems, Inc. So we were intrigued when we received an order for 3 of our CM-0003 100% CO2 Sampling Data Loggers. I spoke with Geoff Zimbelman...
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The Sensors You’ll Never See

I was looking at a consumer product the other day to test CO2. The sensor inside was small. The product was cool. I was sure our customers would like it. So I sent an email with a link to the product to Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter and our chief engineer. I got a one sentence reply: “Know the product,...
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Raspberry Pi and WiFi App Notes for S8 Sensor

The engineers here at CO2Meter have developed application notes for SenseAir’s S8 small-footprint CO2 sensor. These app notes with source code make it easy to communicate with the S8 using two of the most popular microcontrollers on the market today. Learn more about the S8 CO2 sensor. AN168: Raspberry Pi to SenseAir S8 CO2 Sensor via UART Download AN168 here. Download...
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CO2Meter at Spring 2017 MJBizCon

CO2Meter will be exhibiting its line of CO2 controllers and safety products at the Spring 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MBizCon) May 17-19 in Washington D.C. MJBizCon was started in 2012 by MJBizDaily, an online news site focused on the cannabis industry. It is the largest and oldest national cannabis tradeshow, with over 3,500 business leaders and investors, 275...
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New COZIR LP CO2 Sensor

GSS has entered the low-power, small sensor market with their new COZIR LP (Low Power) Ambient Air CO2 Sensor Module. This 0-5,000ppm CO2 OEM sensor has a 31 x 19.5 x 8 mm footprint, similar to the latest generation of small NDIR CO2 sensors on the market today. What makes the COZIR LP useful is that it draws less than...
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Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo Recap

by Josh Pringle, VP of Business Development, CO2Meter If you have ever been to a industry trade show, the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo would not surprise you in its size, scope of products, and sheer "buzz." The Washington D.C. Convention Center hosted this year’s event, and the Brewers Association found it necessary to add additional exhibition space at the...
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Permafrost Study Uses K-30 Sensors

Researchers are studying permafrost in Alaska to get long-term data on the release of carbon dioxide as the result of weather changes. The team is led by Dr. Houston Miller, Professor of Chemistry at the George Washington University. It includes GWU students, researchers from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  Funded by a grant from NASA's Terrestrial...
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CO2Meter CEO Honored for Women-Led Company

Irene Hicks, CEO of CO2Meter, Inc. has been honored as a CEO, entrepreneur and businesswomen running one of Florida's finest women-led companies by the Commonwealth Institute. The Commonwealth Institute (TCI) is devoted to advancing businesswomen in leadership positions. TCI membership includes CEOs, senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, executive directors of nonprofits and solo professionals who are committed to building successful businesses,...
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NASA Creates View of CO2 Levels Globally

Thanks to CO2 sensors on satellites, we have the opportunity to see the daily movement of CO2 in the atmosphere over a year compressed into a 1-minute video. A new NASA supercomputer project builds on the agency's satellite measurements of carbon dioxide and combines them with a sophisticated Earth system model to provide one of the most realistic views yet...
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