NASA Creates View of CO2 Levels Globally

Thanks to CO2 sensors on satellites, we have the opportunity to see the daily movement of CO2 in the atmosphere over a year compressed into a 1-minute video. A new NASA supercomputer project builds on the agency's satellite measurements of carbon dioxide and combines them with a sophisticated Earth system model to provide one of the most realistic views yet...
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Craft Brew Conference April 10-13

CO2Meter will display our line of CO2 Safety Alarms at the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) April 10-13 in Washington, D.C. We will be in booth 955. For craft brewers, CBC is the number one environment in North America for concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. The conference is also a great social event...
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TelAire CO2 Sensor Module SDKs

CO2Meter now offers USB Development kits for the TelAire CO2 sensor line. USB dev kits allow rapid application prototyping for OEMs as well as an easy to use interface for engineers working with ambient air non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) carbon dioxide sensors. CM-0215 is the classic TelAire Amphenol T6613 2,000ppm NDIR CO2 sensor module with soldered pin connectors and a UART...
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TIM10 Receives Award Online

The TIM10 Desktop CO2, Temperature & Humidity Monitor was ranked at #1 on Ezvid's latest Wiki of the best humidity monitors. You can watch the video or read the review here. Compiled after thirty-one hours of research, the video wiki guide is a broad-ranging and comprehensive look at humidity monitor options available in the United States. Founded in 2011, the...
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NFPA 704 Sign for CO2

For years industries that use bulk chemicals or compressed gas in cylinders have followed the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 704 Warning signage guidelines. You may have notice these diamond-shaped stickers or wall placards with blue, red, yellow and white boxes on them in your business or around town. These sign perform a valuable function. They give emergency response personnel...
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New Study Finds CO2 Refrigeration Acceptance Growing in the US

Carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems are common in Europe and Japan, but have struggled to find acceptance in the US. However, a recent survey conducted by the Danfoss Group found that half of American OEMs believe carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems will comprise 16% of commercial systems over the next 5 years. This number is up from a similar study in 2012,...
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CO2 Sensor Occupancy Detection

A group of researchers at the University of California in Berkley have designed an algorithm that can count the number of people in a room when only the CO2 level is known. The study, titled “Sensing by Proxy: Occupancy Detection Based on Indoor CO2 Concentration” used SenseAir’s K-30 carbon dioxide sensor module for occupancy detection. The "Sensing by Proxy" model is...
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CO2 Level Controller and Algae

Bob Mroz, President of HY-TEK Bio, was looking for a way to monitor carbon dioxide levels in his photo bio-reactors used to grow algae. Photo bio-reactors are basically 20 foot tall test tubes. Each bio-reactor contains about 1,800 gallons of algae, liquid waste and CO2. The algae consumes the carbon dioxide and liquid waste in a controlled environment under LED...
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2017 AHR Expo Recap

The 2017 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Conference and Expo is billed as the “World’s Largest HVACR Marketplace.” It did not disappoint.  The show reported 60,000+ attendees and 2,000 exhibitors demonstrating the growing need for commercial and residential HVAC needs. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the AHR Conference & Expo combines educational and training sessions for HVAC/R industry...
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Selecting the Right CO2 Storage Safety Alarm

Every day we receive questions and orders for CO2 storage safety monitors to be used in the beverage dispensing industry where carbon dioxide is stored in bulk tanks and cylinders. Fire Marshals expect to see monitors and alarms that meet very specific standards based on the International Fire Code (IFC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Board Inspection...
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