New Study Finds CO2 Refrigeration Acceptance Growing in the US

Carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems are common in Europe and Japan, but have struggled to find acceptance in the US. However, a recent survey conducted by the Danfoss Group found that half of American OEMs believe carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems will comprise 16% of commercial systems over the next 5 years. This number is up from a similar study in 2012,...
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CO2 Sensor Occupancy Detection

A group of researchers at the University of California in Berkley have designed an algorithm that can count the number of people in a room when only the CO2 level is known. The study, titled “Sensing by Proxy: Occupancy Detection Based on Indoor CO2 Concentration” used SenseAir’s K-30 carbon dioxide sensor module for occupancy detection. The "Sensing by Proxy" model is...
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CO2 Level Controller and Algae

Bob Mroz, President of HY-TEK Bio, was looking for a way to monitor carbon dioxide levels in his photo bio-reactors used to grow algae. Photo bio-reactors are basically 20 foot tall test tubes. Each bio-reactor contains about 1,800 gallons of algae, liquid waste and CO2. The algae consumes the carbon dioxide and liquid waste in a controlled environment under LED...
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2017 AHR Expo Recap

The 2017 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Conference and Expo is billed as the “World’s Largest HVACR Marketplace.” It did not disappoint.  The show reported 60,000+ attendees and 2,000 exhibitors demonstrating the growing need for commercial and residential HVAC needs. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the AHR Conference & Expo combines educational and training sessions for HVAC/R industry...
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Selecting the Right CO2 Storage Safety Alarm

Every day we receive questions and orders for CO2 storage safety monitors to be used in the beverage dispensing industry where carbon dioxide is stored in bulk tanks and cylinders. Fire Marshals expect to see monitors and alarms that meet very specific standards based on the International Fire Code (IFC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Board Inspection...
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Connecting LP8 CO2 Sensor to Arduino

Our engineers have written a new application note titled: AN162: Connecting the LP8 CO2 Sensor to an Arduino via UART. This document allows you to talk to SenseAir's LP8 miniature CO2 sensor with an Arduino Uno, Mega or Mega2560 microcontroller using a UART TXT-RXD connection. The example Arduino code uses Software.Serial, a library built into the Arduino software. The LP8 sensor...
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K-30 CO2 Sensor Troubleshooting with Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Customers using SenseAir's K-30 CO2 sensor with an Arduino micro controller or the Raspberry Pi occasionally see the sensor "lock up" during use. It appears that the sensor sends negative data and quits working. After unplugging the sensor from power momentarily, it works again. This seems to be a random problem. Fortunately, we have been able to recreate the problem, and have several...
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CO2 Sensors and Raspberry Pi

Our engineers have created application notes to connect two of CO2Meter’s most popular CO2 sensors with the popular Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer that plugs into a monitor and keyboard. It makes it easy for hobbyists to create projects for a very low cost. COZIR CO2 Sensor This app note AN-127 explains how to connect the Raspberry...
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Oxygen Sensor Used in Nitrogen Generator

IntoN2 manufactures a line of high pressure, high purity nitrogen generators in their factory located in Minden, Nevada. These nitrogen generators are primarily used for laser cutting and specialized manufacturing, but are used in other industries requiring up to 5 nines (0.99999%) of high-purity nitrogen. Because they generate nitrogen, I was curious when IntoN2 began purchasing our TR250Z 25% oxygen...
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Join Us at the 2017 AHR Expo

CO2Meter will exhibit at the 2017 AHR Expo January 30 – February 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We will be showing our full line of wall-mount CO2 monitors for HVACR, personal CO2 monitors, CO2 sensor modules and CO2 + Oxygen safety monitors with alarms for stored CO2 systems. You can find our booth C1257 on the show floor...
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