CO2Meter Joins Florida Brewer’s Guild

CO2Meter has joined the Florida Brewer’s Guild as an Allied Trade Member. The FBG is a non-profit trade association committed to preserving the rights and interests of all craft brewers throughout the state. Founded nearly two decades ago by local Tampa brewers, the Florida Brewers Guild was built on the ideas of uniting an industry for advocacy and sharing of...
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Is Brewing Great Beer Art or Rocket Science?

by Josh PringleVP of Business DevelopmentCO2Meter The biennial meeting of the World Brewing Congress (the sister organization to the Master Brewers Association of the Americas) was held this summer at the Sheraton in Downtown Denver, CO. This meeting of brewers, brewery staff, and leading suppliers is an opportunity to unite for technical sessions that educate experienced and new brewers to...
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CO2Meter Joins 50 Florida Companies on Growth “Watch” List

Entrepreneurial styles, corporate cultures give these second-stage companies competitive advantages CO2Meter, Inc. is among 50 statewide companies expected to see significant growth over the next several years. CO2Meter was selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to WatchSM, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation.   CO2Meter’s management team,...
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Beer Fermentation and CO2

The next time you see a beer commercial or drink a cold draft, take the time to appreciate the importance of carbon dioxide in the brewing process. Beer starts out as wort, a mix of water and natural grains. When Brewer’s yeast (a fungi) is added to the mix, it "eats" the starches and sugars in the wort while giving...
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HVAC in the House of the Future

Futurists have a poor track record when it comes to actually predicting the future. An aerocar in every garage, jet back-packs, and free, unlimited nuclear power were all promised to us in an exciting, clean future. Yet, 50 years later, we’re still waiting for each of them to arrive. The same goes for houses. In the early part of the...
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Southern hemisphere joins north in breaching carbon dioxide milestone

By Paul Krummel, Research Group Leader, and Paul Fraser, Honorary Fellow, CSIRO. Reprinted by permission. As we predicted last year, the background atmospheric carbon dioxide levels measured at Cape Grim on Tasmania’s northwest coast have officially passed the 400 parts per million (ppm) mark. Our measurements, compiled by our team at CSIRO together with the Bureau of Meteorology, show that...
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SenseAir CO2 Sensor Compares Favorably Against Vaisala CO2 Probe

A university study has found the SenseAir K-33 BLG 30% CO2 + RH/T and K-33 ELG 1% CO2 + RH/T data-logging environmental sensors gave similar results to a Vaisala CO2 Probe in both testing and real-world experiments. The study was conducted by a team of Environmental Engineering Researchers from the University of California, Merced. They were looking for a lower cost alternative...
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The Unicorn in Brewing

by Josh Pringle If you're a brewer, whether you call it the “Magic Bullet” or the “Holy Grail” is your choice. We choose to refer to it as the “Unicorn” of brewing because nobody has ever seen one, but everybody wants it to exist. What is the unicorn? It is a sensor you can put INTO beer to measure the CO2 concentration. ...
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CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms, Greenhouses Updated

Our CO2 Controller for grow rooms and greenhouses has added 2 new features: advanced hysteresis logic to save energy and CO2, and the ability to control a ventilation fan when CO2 levels get too high. These new features make it perfect for both indoor growers and for mushroom farms. The Day Night CO2 Monitor & Controller for Greenhouses (RAD-0501) has...
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Use Python to Talk to CO2 Probe

Recently we had a customer contact us regarding opening a serial connection via Python to our CM-0039 CO2 Probe. The Probe is a ruggedized enclosure for our SenseAir CO2 sensors that allow USB tethered, real-time reading of CO2 levels from a PC. While we don’t have any pre-written Python code to talk to the Probe, with a bit of work,...
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