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CO2 Leak Detector
Taylor Long
Worked GREAT!

We have continued to use CO2Meter CO2 Leak Detectors and they have worked great. It's nice not also having the headphones to deal with like other competitors. 5 stars!

SprintIR®-W 100% CO2 Sensor

Excellent Once Installed

The installation was difficult given the terrible instructions for a novice like me. Specifically, the wiring instructions assumed an understanding of thermostat wiring that required hours of Googling for me to comprehend. Now that it’s installed, I wonder why every new home doesn’t come with this standard to control the air exchanger. It is amazing to know that fresh air is drawn when needed, and not when it isn’t needed. This improves health and reduces energy loss. I was amazed to learn just how much CO2 I was allowing to build up in my house now that I can see the levels with this monitor. Now it is a joy to know my family has consistent fresh air (without running the exchanger into bankruptcy. :)

CO2Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Aaron Meyers
Better sleep

Kept sleeping like crap and waking up in the middle of night. Couldn't figure out why. Then I thought about co2 because I slept in a 10x10 room with the windows and door shut. Got this monitor and levels were 2500-3250ppm. Decided to start cracking door when I sleep with a 4" swing bar door lock. Now the levels never go above 2000ppm and are usually 1300-1900ppm. I sleep better now and rarely wake up in the middle of night. My advice is to crack windows as much as possible. Do it at night if you live in a hot climate. With nobody in the room that brings my level down from about 1200ppm to 700ppm. And always sleep with your door cracked at least 3"-4". The more the better. You can get a 4" swing bar door lock at Walmart for $5 if you need security.

Great assessment tool

A screen shot of meter creates nice content in my reports.

Systems Engineer and Operator

I have been working closely with Josh and really am impressed with the CO2 Multi Sensor System and its ease of use in operation for our facility. Great work.

great service

smooth ordering process, quick delivery, great price, works well- thanks so much!

Good for situational evaluation

I'm immunosuppressed, but with the "end of COVID" I will need to spend more time in rooms with multiple other people. CO2 is a good way of monitoring room ventilation, and I have been evaluating room safety based on the meter's readings. I have no way of evaluating the accuracy of the CO2 readings, but the humidity and temperature readings are spot on, so I feel the CO2 readings should be close enough for me to make a good estimate of a room's safety.

IAQ MINI CO2 Monitor
Stephen Glover
Very Accurate!

This device is working exactly as I expected. It's extremely accurate for being such a small device.

Worked fine and correct product!

Interesting tool to have when entertaining

It’s nice to be able to see when air quality is good or not. Knowing that we can open a windows or start a fan to circulate air helps folks feel safe.

Great Product!

We've been using the CO2 meter to take IAQ Measurements in buildings during Energy Star certification visits. It's been working well an updates quickly which helps us move around a building faster.

HIGHLY Satisfied

I just wanted to say our team is highly satisfied with the CO2 controller and we will hope to do future business with CO2Meter.

CO2Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor
William Gati

This product works excellently and CO2Meter always offers great technical support.

Open the windows

I am feeling better now I made our hose air tight. Put the power bill in the green. The CO2 in the red. Can’t win.

CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm Strobe Lights
Colonial Electric Supply Pleasantville NJ

Branch manager

Device Paid for Itself!

We purchased the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm and Strobe Lights for our facility. We had no issues with the devices and they are working quite well. They have alerted us to a couple of potential CO2 concentration issues, so in my opinion they have already paid for themselves in safety!!

Working Great!

We installed it in our main walk-in cooler that also contains our draft setup for the taproom. It seems to be working great! We ran some tests when we first installed it and it definitely triggered when we purposely ran some CO2 in front of the sensor. Thanks CO2Meter!

Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm
Colonial Electric Supply Pleasantville NJ

Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

CO2Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor

CO2Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor

CO2Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor
It works and levels seems reasonable, unlike the stuff you get on Amazon.

Basement studio apartment gives levels around 700±100, which is reasonable. Levels don't fluctuate radically throughout the day, but when cooking (gas stove), levels can quickly exceed 1500. Alarm only goes off when levels exceeded and can't be silenced.

We're looking ALOT better!

Since we purchased the RAD-0302 our CO2 in the office originally was ~2000ppm. After using the device and ventilating our space we are at 900ppm. Much better! Thanks CO2Meter.


Not that easy to purchase CO2.

IAQ MAX CO2 Monitor and Data Logger
Robert Tammera

IAQ MAX CO2 Monitor and Data Logger

K33 ICB 10% CO2 Sensor