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Fire Code Compliance

CO2 Monitors for Fire Code ComplianceWhere can I find the CO2 standards in the fire codes?

You can find the CO2 standards in the International Fire Code (IFC) detailing the requirements for CO2 detection in Chapter 53, under "Compressed Gases" and specifics for CO2 in Beverage Dispensing under Chapter 53, Section 5307.

These standards state the following:

  • Required Protection 5307.5 "When carbon dioxide storage tanks, cylinders, piping, and equipment are located indoors, rooms or areas containing carbon dioxide storage tanks, cylinders, piping and fittings and other areas where a leak of carbon dioxide can collect shall be provided with either commercial ventilation in accordance with Section 5307.5.1 or an emergency alarm system in accordance with Section 5307.5.2."
  • Emergency Alarm Systems "An emergency alarm system shall comply with all of the following: Continuous gas detection shall be provided to monitor areas where carbon dioxide can accumulate. The threshold for activation of an alarm shall not exceed 5,000 parts per million (9,000mg/m3). Activation of the emergency alarm system shall initiate a local alarm within the room or area in which the system is installed."
  • Employee Alarm Systems "Where required by government regulations, an employee alarm system shall be provided to allow warning for necessary emergency action as called for in the emergency action plan required by, or for reaction time for safe egress of employees from the workplace or the immediate work area, or both."

What CO2 Monitors will Meet Fire Code Compliance?

At CO2Meter, we provide gas detection safety monitors that are designed specifically to meet all state fire codes and regulations to ensure compliance prior to inspection.

In addition to personal safety, some state and local municipalities have added the OSHA and Fire Code exposure limits to bulk CO2 storage safety alarm specifications. Our RAD-0102-6 and CM-7000 Series products are designed to meet these requirements.

Some of our partners include:

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

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Water Plant Superintendent

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