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Bulk CO₂ Tank Safety


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Our CO2 storage safety gas detection alarms are low-cost, maintenance-free, and are designed to protect facilities from CO2 tank leaks and overexposure.

  • Most CO2 storage safety alarms are available for immediate shipment
  • Keep your workers and staff safe with OSHA-compliant devices
  • Customized options to meet your specific facility requirements
  • Easy installation and quick YouTube install tutorials 
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What are the hazards of CO2 tanks?

Thousands of liquid carbon dioxide cylinders and tanks are used across the country for industries like restaurants, beverage dispensing, breweries, refrigeration, industrial plants, hospitals and laboratories, and even in indoor agriculture. All of these vessels however pose a potential safety hazard for individuals if not installed and used properly.

CO2 cylinder and tank safety are very important. An accident can quickly hurt or even kill staff, maintenance workers, or customers. The primary concerns are:

  1. Bulk CO2 tanks should be bolted to the floor to ensure they do not tip over.
  2. Tank and cylinder leakage is common. While the tanks are designed to withstand punctures, the fittings used to distribute the gas are not.
  3. The areas around the tanks and cylinders should be well-ventilated if possible and should always be monitored by a CO2 safety alarm.
  4. CO2 tanks and cylinders should be stored in areas with a temperature less than 125°F (51.7°C).

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