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CO2 Multi Sensor

CO2 Multi Sensor
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The CO2 Multi Sensor is designed to provide easily addressable CO2 sensing (up to 12+ modules per device) and works cohesively with our CO2 Multi-Sensor Safety System. It uses state of the art NDIR sensing to monitor and detect leaks of higher concentrations, protecting facilities and establishments from overexposure.

*The CO2 Multi-Sensor Safety System is a plug and play set, however requires additional components to create a fully integrated system. See "CO2 Multi Sensor System Parts" below for each component or contact a CO2Meter expert for more information on your application.

CO2 Multi Sensor System Parts



  • 1 year - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions.


Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm DataSheetData Sheet (pdf)

Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm ManualManual (pdf)

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor FAQsFAQs (pdf)


CM-7002 - Remote Relay Key Switch -  the Remote Relay Key Switch unit add-on provides a unique push-button and key switch to mute and reset latch for all sensors connected to the tablet.

CM-7005 - Main Tablet Only - the CO2 Multi Sensor tablet provides visual indication of gas concentration levels to prevent hazard from occurring in your establishment.

CBL-7002 - Reset Unit Relay Cable -  the CAT5 relay cable provides additional configuration for added sensor capabilities of the CM-7000. This cable is designed to be configured with the CM-7002 Reset Unit and can be wired to the CM-1026-5,6 Strobe Towers and SV-1027 Solenoid Valve.

CM-7004-OUT- an audible/visual strobe alarm that can be used for all exterior placements. 

CM-1026-5,6 - CO2 Storage Strobe Tower - designed to provide a flashing indicator, and audible alarm with any of our CM-7000 systems.

SV-1029 Solenoid Safety Shut Off Valve - (3/8 inch valve) designed to be utilized with our CM-7000 CO2 Multi-Sensor System, and can be directly wired to the SV-1029 safety shut-off valve via main tablet or sensor unit relays.

SV-1030 Solenoid Safety Shut Off Valve - (1/2 inch valve) designed to be utilized with our CM-7000 CO2 Multi-Sensor System, and can be directly wired to the SV-1030 safety shut-off valve via main tablet or sensor unit relays. 

Calibration Gas - Because of MDOT regulations, calibration gases must be shipped from a certified gas supplier. You can order calibration gas from your local supplier or you can order the following products from CalGasDirect.com

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