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Protecting Employees with CO2 Safety Monitors: Archibald Microbrewery

Using CO2 Safety Monitors to Protect Brewery Workers

Carbon dioxide is a critical element of any brewing process. In fact, in order to dispense quality beer, carbonation is key. Carbon dioxide plays a big role in brewing and distilling in order to ensure good taste, quality, and shelf stability. However, while carbonation is an important factor, too much CO2 in this process can be hazardous to those working in its presence.

Today, many breweries are using carbon dioxide, yet none quite like 2023 world beer winner, Archibald Microbrasserie. This micro-brewery based in Quebec, is using carbon dioxide under pressure to achieve the desired level of carbonation more quickly and conveniently. They also utilize CO2 commonly in transfer of beer and packaging to prevent oxidation and ensure that the beer remain carbonated throughout the entire process.

Archibald Microbrasserie, was founded in 2005 and has continued to expand rapidly to include four signature restaurants in its chain. Their story began in the Duchesnay Seigneury, a rugged area that lies north of Quebec known as one of the hottest spots in Quebec City. Their focus has remained on the importance of family and authentic cuisine, having created a family of beers that represent signature females from the founder's life. Today, it is grown into a reputable and recognized multinational drink that is sought after across the globe. 

The team at CO2Meter has been fortunate to forge great partnerships like that with Archibald Microbrasserie, who utilize our remote co2 storage safety alarms to protect employees working around carbon dioxide in their daily operations. Because carbon dioxide at elevated levels can pose severe health risks to brewery workers, the company stands by carbon dioxide safety solutions to gain early detection should a potential hazard ever occur.

We recently interviewed Sarah Nina Marchessault, Environmental Health and Safety Director, Archibald Microbrasserie to discuss the importance of our partnership and how they are using our carbon dioxide safety monitors to protect staff in their facility.

Let’s Talk about Archibald Microbrasserie

CO2Meter: Tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “We are a company that operates commercial breweries and restaurants, manufacturing beers under the brand names La Chipie, La Joufflue, La Matante, La Brise du Lac and La Ciboire et La Valkyrie."

“Our goal is to breathe life into the time-honored tradition, delving into the local terroir to brew creations inspired by their surroundings.”

CO2Meter: Tell us about your overall application and the importance of gas in the field?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “At Archibald, we are producing craft beverages and using carbon dioxide in the carbonation process. We dissolve CO2 into the beer and use natural carbonation during fermentation where CO2 is added directly. We also are using a bit of carbon monoxide and natural gases to fuel during mashing, lautering, and boiling in the brewing process. this provides a consistent contribution during the brew stages."

CO2Meter: When it comes to measuring gases are you more interested in analysis, control, or safety aspects?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “When it comes to monitoring gas in the brewery, our primary focus is always safety. We know that there are potential health hazards associated with high concentrations of this gas and that many areas can pose risk to the workers. Specifically during fermentation and conditioning, or carbonation when carbon dioxide is introduced. By using safety meters we can ensure that the concentrations remain always within safe limits."

Archibald Microbrasserie and CO2Meter

CO2Meter: When it comes to CO2Meter technologies can you describe your overall experience and what advantages/disadvantages you have observed within your application?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “Our experience with CO2Meter has been very good and efficient. The service team is always very friendly and answers any questions we need further assistance with.

“Advantages of CO2Meter solutions are the devices ease of use, their ease in calibration procedure and the documentation is always easy to read in terms of the installation of the device."

Pictured Above: Remote CO2 Storage Safety Dual Alarm

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter specifically as a source?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “We chose CO2Meter specifically because our contractor had chose them and trusted them, making it easy to continue to use them as a gas safety manufacturer."

CO2Meter: Can you talk about your overall application and how CO2Meter has aided in your project/research/application/mission?

Archibald Microbrasserie“CO2Meter remote co2 storage alarm has helped give us the ability to continuously monitor and act as a early warning system. It allows our operations and staff to be alerted in the case of co2 levels rising beyond safe limits and enables us to take corrective actions promptly, such as improving ventilation or evacuating from an affected area."

"By monitoring it helps ensure that are workers are not being exposed to harmful concentrations and this promotes their health and well-being while also taking a proactive approach for our brewery."

CO2Meter: What would you say the next 1, 2, or 3 years look like in your field in terms of trends and innovation?

Archibald Microbrasserie: “We continue to grow at a rapid pace and their has been an increasingly large focus on microbreweries currently in Canada. Additionally, collaboration between microbreweries and local businesses as well as community engagement is currently on the rise. At Archibald, we are continually innovating our offerings, embracing experimentation with a diverse range of beer styles, and including new initiatives to meet the needs of our customers.

CO2Meter: If customers wanted to gain further information on your company, projects, and resources - what URL could we provide them with to gain further insights?

If you have any further questions on craft beverage applications or carbon dioxide monitoring, please reach us directly at Sales@CO2Meter.com 

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