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CO2 Probe Wirelessly Transmits Data from Bio-Reactor

Our friends at HY-TEK Bio were looking for a way to transmit real-time CO2 levels from the top of their bio-reactor remotely so they didn't have to run cables back to the control console. They discovered that the Hawking Wireless USB Server works perfectly with our CM-0041 100% CO2 USB Probe. In fact, it's literally plug and play. The Hawking USB server connects to your router thru WiFi so you can place it anywhere within range of your wireless network. You can plug up to 3 USB Probes to each Hawking server. Setup is simple. The Hawking unit only costs...

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CO2 Used to Roast, Decafeinate Coffee

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, you may have CO2 to thank for it. Coffee beans are typically roasted in hot air. One of the most critical aspects of roasting is that the air temperature needs to be high enough to cause the green beans to change color, taste and smell, but not to burn them. To accomplish this, some coffee roasters add CO2 to the hot air to control the intensity of the heat verses the moisture content to prevent the coffee from being “singed.” This would result in a burnt taste when the coffee is brewed....

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CO2 Data Loggers Compared

Many clients ask us to recommend a meter that either 1.) measures CO2 or other gas levels instantly, or 2.) monitors CO2 levels and does something if they get too low or too high.  However, a third group of users like scientists or indoor air quality analysts need the ability to read CO2, O2, CO, temperature and %RH levels, then record them to be read later. For these clients, a data logger is only solution.  Data loggers automate the process of taking measurements over time and writing them down. For example, while you could manually log CO2 levels with paper...

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