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CO2Meter is fortunate to have forged great partner relationships with facility maintenance solutions like DMC Facility Services.

DMC Facility Services is a self performing General Contractor & Facility Maintenance provider, headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

They offer a wide range of service in remodeling, construction, facility repair, maintenance and specialized flooring solutions.

DMC Facility services caters to large key industry leaders in food and beverage industries, not to mention stands by CO2Meter safety monitors and technologies to ensure CO2 safety among their customers in and around the inert gas.

CO2Meter always recommends DMC Facility Services as they are a trusted family owned and operated company who pride themselves on forming a deeper relationship with customers and offer a large variety of catered services. 

CO2Meter recently interviewed Dan Munger, Director of Sales and Business Development at DMC, to discuss the importance of gas safety monitoring.

CO2Meter: Tell us more about DMC Facility Services.

Dan: "DMC is a full service, self-performing Restaurant Facility Maintenance Company. Our team has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and brings that experience to each project. We are focused on providing our customers clear and honest communication and the highest level of craftmanship possible."

CO2Meter: What are DMC's speciality areas?

Dan: "We specialize in bringing a customer service experience focus to capital projects, roll-outs and repair and maintenance projects."

CO2Meter: In your experience what has been the biggest advent/change in your industry recently? What has been the most important need from your customers?

Dan: "The biggest change in the industry over the last couple of years is the emergence of Work Order Networks and how they are providing Facility Managers a transparent view of the projects taking place in their restaurants.", also "We have found that our customers just want an honest contractor to partner with and to know that when a project is turned over to them, it will get completed to their standards".

CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2 monitors and the request from customers as well as inspectors?

Dan: "It seems that inspectors in the industry are getting more stringent on CO2 testing and compliance. With the increase in compliance comes an increased demand for testing equipment."

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a CO2 Safety Provider, and utilized them for your business?

Dan: "CO2Meter is a great example of taking the recommendation set forth by their customers and modifying their product to conform to the recommendations and benefit their customers".

CO2Meter: Are your customers concerned more about compliance, safety, or cost when it comes to installing the monitors?

Dan: "Our customers are always concerned with safety and compliance in their locations and will make sure they are in front of all of the necessary requirements".


CO2Meter: What do the next 18 months/3years look like for DMC? Will you expand geographically?

Dan: "We are looking forward to continuing our growth and expansion to help meet our customer needs"

CO2Meter: How do you maintain your high standards of work across such a broad geographic area?

Dan:"Our installation teams are set up with the hardware for on site monitoring of each work environment to confirm the quality and overall cleanliness left by our crews are up to DMC's standards. We also have a full team of Quality Control Associates visiting the recently completed projects to ensure the quality and customers service standards were met by our installation teams."

In addition to the partnership with DMC Facility Services, CO2Meter has several key supplier partnerships all whom have found our fixed CO2 wall mounted devices or wearable personal gas monitoring products a huge factor when it comes to protection in the field and for their customers.

We continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements in order to assist our customer's and supplier's needs.

For more information visit our website, email us at or speak to an expert at (877) 678-4259.

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