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Our customers write us...

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"I absolutely LOVE the new model!"

I have to say that I absolutely love the new model of the CM-500 series. I feel it is more accurate than the previous model and I'm enjoying being able to read all the different measurements too, we really have no complaints at all! You will be seeing an influx of order in the not too distant future =)

Sabrina G. 

"I rarely review items!"

I rarely review items for purchases, however the TIM10 - Desktop CO2, Temp, and Humidity monitor really warrants a review. I think this product could very well have saved my health and marriage. They say CO2 won't kill you, but if my O2 levels drop to where my body is deprived of the proper saturation levels, that means heart failure. So I disagree, for those with underlying issues - this device is a MUST HAVE ".

Kimberly F.

"Deadly Killer"

Great follow up and advice from the CO2Meter team! The Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm  should be required by law to protect associates and guests from this "deadly killer".

Michael S.

"Easy to Install"

Their products are easy to install, they are nice, easy to use, little maintenance needed.

Ling L.

"I LOVE this device"

I love this device - GasLab Micro Formaldehyde Monitor. It's the 3rd product I've tried on formaldehyde readers, their products are very accurate and easy to use i'm in a mobile home and we have issues that we suspect are formaldehyde related. I also work in a hair salon and can take with me in my pocket. I always share this site to other customers of interest.

Darlene P.

"High Quality and Great Price"

Greetings.. I have been using the Tongdy CO2 Monitors with great results for 4 years now. Using them in three dormitory buildings. Using output of the CO2 sensor to input a variable frequency drive to control the building exhaust fan speed. Just ordered a fourth one for a similar application in housing community centers.

Steve J - Evergreen College.

"Great Customer Service"

Truly great product for CO2 and O2 Sensor Set, Tracy was great with helping us choose the correct items, great customer service. 

Nadia M.

"Excellent Unit"

Excellent Unit for Psense Portable CO2 Meter, Received it fast. this is the second unit we've purchased from CO2Meter. Answered all my questions when I  phoned and asked about it. We will continue to buy from them again. 

Doug B.

"The meter worked perfectly"

co2 safety alarm

We have installed two of the meters in our production area...Our CO2 tank gassed off yesterday and the meter near it worked perfectly.

U.C. Davis

"Thank you for everything."

My high school project is to build a device that will alert if a kid or pet is locked in a hot car. I just wanted to thank you for everything that your company has been able to do for me. I will make sure to share my project with you once I get it complete, the timeline should be around late April-Early March. I look forward to receiving the sensor and getting to use it. Thank you again for everything,

Shawn M.

"Excellent Product AND Excellent Customer Service."

We are a commercial grow operation in Anchorage, Alaska that performs CO2 supplementation for our plants. At the last minute our Fire Marshal required all rooms to have CO2 monitoring for safety. I contacted the Sales Dept at CO2meter.com and the sales rep was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products and what we needed, including the requirement for hardwired alarms.

We purchased 6 units and then how to figure out how to hardware them for installation. CO2meter staff was once again helpful, knowledgeable and resourceful and we found the correct transformers and they worked out perfectly.

If you need a quality product and expect top notch customer service, CO2meter.com is the only company to go with for your business needs. We would not have passed our Fire inspections without their products and assistance. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Eli Lehrmann

"Just what I was looking for."

We are pleased with the unit [RAD-0102-6]. Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for.

Phillip A. Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

"I did considerable market research..."

My application is a bit unusual, photosynthesis - measuring CO2 uptake and O2 emission of small trees and plants. I did considerable market research prior to purchasing your products (UV Flux 25% Oxygen Devkit and COZIR AMB 10,000 ppm CO2 Devkit) I am very delighted with them. There are at an excellent price point with competitors products often targeted at a very specific market and significantly higher in cost.

Jim Hamerly

"They respond quickly to changes..."

So far, so good on the [SAN-0001] CO2 monitors. They respond quickly to changes in both directions. Thanks again for getting the units to us in a quick fashion!

Mark Snyder
CO2 Director
Praxair Inc.

"The meter has shown a great need for improved ventilation"

I am enjoying and appreciating my CO2 meter. My application is for indoor winter cycling training. My training area is confined and good air is important at high aerobic levels. The meter has shown a great need for improved ventilation with my CO2 numbers rising sometimes above 1,400ppm for short durations.

Ben D.

"The meter worked well"

The meter worked well for my son’s 8th grade science project. He is interested in global warming and your device helped him explore that interest.


"It works great!"

I designed and built an air exchanger for our home and used the device [Tongdy CO2 Monitor with Relay] in conjunction with it to activate the system when CO2 rose above an acceptable level and deactivate the system when CO2 returned to an acceptable level. It works great!

Donald Kain

"All meters performed flawlessly"

We recently completed CO2 fire suppression discharge testing of two hydroelectric turbines. Our customer desired CO2 and O2 measurements to be taken at 10 different locations during and after CO2 discharge. We utilized your CM-0505 and CM-0003 data logging meters for this test. All meters performed flawlessly during our testing. We are very satisfied with the units reliably and ease of use.

Zachary S. Tuck
Suppression Systems Inc.

"Your Arduino I2C Interface was very helpful"

I've recently been working with the T6713 CO2 sensor, and your Arduino I2C interface pdf was very helpful...it's odd that I cannot find any other resources for the sensor anywhere else on the Internet.

Thanks again,

"Great unit!!"

Purchased your RAD-0102 CO2 Safety Alarm, and I've noticed that it indicated a few issues in our brewing area. A Freon leak from our cooler, and we were applying urethane and it indicated the vapors were present. When everything dissipated the display went back to normal. No alarms triggered fortunately. Great unit!!

Jim Granzotto, Wine Maker - Owner
Great Legs Winery Brewery Distillery LLC

"The meter has been essential for the brewery"

We took advantage of CBC special and received the [CO2 safety alarm] meters in May. The meters are a great value and easy to install. It is wonderful to have quantifiable CO2 levels in enclosed spaces, such as our walk-in cooler. The meter has been essential for the brewery to keep all the staff safe.

David Lin, Chairman and Founder
Comrade Brewing Company

"We use these devices daily"

We sent in the CM-0001 and CM-0004 for calibration. We use these devices daily, so I needed quick calibration and return service. I overnighted the meters in and they were overnighted back to me the next day. Very impressed, and very happy with the calibrated results. Thanks for all of your assistance, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Josh Liestman
Select Genetics

"Your CO2 sensors are working great"

My carbon capture experiment is going well. I have about 100 hours of experimentation done so far. It seems that one of my polymers is removing CO2. I have tested five polymers so far. Your CO2 sensors are working great and it looks like I am getting good data from them. I plan to run some data analysis starting tomorrow using integration of the curves to determine CO2 adsorption per experiment. Thank you for all of your help to get me to this point! Here are a couple pictures of my apparatus. I have taken over the dining room of my house. LOL.


"The CO2 Meter we received works great for our lab"

We are a veterinary diagnostic laboratory that needed a safer way to monitor CO2 levels than the fyrite method. We have 6 incubators that we monitor CO2 levels of 5% to 10%. The CO2 meter we received works great for our lab and we look forward to working with your company in the future. We do not use much of the software as data tracking isn't our need but it is really nice to be able to calibrate the equipment to ambient air. Other meters we considered did not have that capability.

Tanya Purvis

"I recommend your training"

Let me begin by expressing our gratitude for educating our department on the inherent dangers of CO2 gases. Most of our personnel were not aware of the imminent hazards, and it was truly an eye-opener! I would very much recommend the training to any fire department, not only in the state of Florida, but nationwide.

I am confident that your training has inspired more inspectors to be keenly aware of what to inspect and what questions to ask.

Michael Hudkins, CFPS
Fire Plans Examiner/Fire Inspector II
Hillsborough County Fire Rescue
Hillsborough County BOCC

"I recommend it to other mushroom growers"

I am operating a small mushroom business so I am using it (CO2 Meter for Mushroom Farm Growers) in my fruiting chamber. It's a well insulated 8' X 8' shed. I am happy with how the controller has performed. It would be nice if I could adjust the hysteresis (currently keeps my fan on until reaching 250ppm below my set point) as I wouldn't mind having my exhaust fan on for shorter durations more frequently. However even without this feature it's still the best CO2 controller I've found at this price. I recommend it to other mushroom growers and I'll be buying another for my next fruiting chamber.

Thanks, Val

"Best CO2 meter on the market for the money"

This (RAD-0501) is the best CO2 meter on the market for the money. Very simple to set up and accurate when compared to my portable meter.

Toby via Amazon

"CO2 and bedbugs"

Nelson was wonderful in helping me with a question I had concerning CO2 being sprayed for bed bugs in my mom's home by an extermination company. He's a fine good will ambassador for CO2 METER. Please convey my appreciation to him for a job well done.

J. Weis

"The best deal on the market today."

I just wanted to thank you and your team at CO2 Meter, Inc. for a quality product at a great price. The RAD-0102 is simple to install and is better than other units that cost twice as much. Once you add in the great customer service and support, it really is the best deal out there on the market today.

Mark Blaising
Blaising Fire & Water Inc.

"Support has gone above and beyond!"

Thanks again for your help. Your company's support has gone above and beyond!

Damon A.

"using my meter to monitor my room conditions"

Bought a CO2 meter. However, it had an intermittent flaw. When first received it would often display a sensor error. Although this problem has ironed itself out a bit (meaning it occurs very less frequently) the company felt the need to send me another perfectly working model free of charge with expedited shipping, which given that I am abroad must have cost a bit.

I am currently using my meter to monitor my room conditions. I was always waking up groggy every time, now thanks to these apparatus i was able to actually see how the night time CO2 levels in my room would get extremely high and thus allowed me to actually modify my air flow helping me now to wake up feeling fresher.

Phydra Kushbu

"My prototype is working great." K30 Sensor to Arduino.

I purchased several of the K30 CO2 sensors and they are working great! Thanks for carrying this great product. I'm new to electronics so I found your tutorial on how to connect it to an Arduino extremely helpful. Thanks for providing something like that. It helped me understand how to interface with the K30 device using I2C and I'm happy to say my prototype is working great. Here's a link to the document. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0019/5952/files/Senseair-Arduino.pdf

Brian C.

Science Fair Winner using the K30 Sensor.

A month or so ago, you provided me with some excellent guidance on the K30 sensor module. We were trying to turn off the automatic calibration. My questions related to a project my son is doing, for which I have been mentoring him. He an eighth grader who is interested in algae's potential role in absorbing CO2.

I am happy to report that he was the top scorer at his regional science fair earlier this month, presenting the device he constructed using the K30 sensor.

Floyd G.

"We use it to monitor the exhaled CO2 of a mouse."

I followed the calibration procedure with Nitrogen for the K33 ICB sensor as you recommended and the module is now working perfectly. We use it to monitor the exhaled CO2 of a mouse. If you are interested, I have attached an image of a graph showing the heart rate and the exhaled CO2 of a mouse that finally died during a surgery. Thanks to your sensor, we were able to see the CO2 consumption drop a few minutes before losing the heart rate. It allowed the surgeon to react faster than when he only had the heart rate to try to keep the animal alive.

Maxime A.

"I appreciate the cost and easy interfacing."

I can confirm to you that the K-30 10,000 CO2 sensor arrived on time in working order, and that the devices is currently working well. What I appreciate is the cost and its easy interfacing with devices such as Arduino that, together, make possible to build systems for monitoring the CO2 level in our tests at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Giovanni Pesce

"Complete Satisfaction!"

We appreciate the attention, speed and quality in the buying process.

Ivan Pessotti

Superohm Equipamentos Cientificos

São Paulo, Brazil

"I was surprised at how bad the air was in my own bedroom."

I bought a CO2 meter to check out my rental properties because I want to make sure my tenants are breathing good air.

As I was experimenting and learning to use the meter I was surprised at how bad the air was in my own bedroom. I am installing wall fans in the bedrooms of my rental houses as a result of the readings I got. Newer houses are so tight, and even with air exchangers the fresh air needs to get to every room in the house.

Since having the meter I have been using a fan to circulate fresh air into my bedroom, and I have been sleeping better. I hope my tenants can tell the difference better air is making. It is great that prices have came down on these meters to the point they are affordable. They should be in every home and work place. The people (Josh) at CO2Meter, Inc. were very helpful in answering my questions.

Don Peterson

"Impressed with the service ..."

I was really impressed with the service I received from CO2meter.com. They spent significant time to ensure that I got the device that was right for my application, despite only requiring two low-cost items.

Scott Melvin
Node Engineering

"Robust and economical..."

Your robust and economical unit uniquely combines capabilities for taking side-by-side measurements of CO2 and VOCs as a data logger or a stand alone instantaneous device. The software is easy to use and thankfully regularly updated.

Alison G. Kwok, PhD, AIA, LEED AP
University of Oregon

"They worked well..."

We are professional Energy Managers and were the in-house Energy Managers for NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic for 2006-2013, including all east cost based Navy ships. We used your temperature, humidity and CO2 loggers extensively while in that role. They worked well and demonstrated to Navy pre- and post- cost conditions for energy projects.

Vince Marshall CEM, MBA
Cherokee Energy

"The K-30 units served flawlessly."

I swapped over the wires to run the K-30 Sensor off pins 50 through 53 on the Arduino Mega controller and all worries went away. The Arduino Mega is really a great little board and the extra I/O pins came in real handy with a display, data logger, and umpteen-dozen sensors.

The K-30 units themselves served flawlessly. I put them into an enclosure that I made from some electrical outlet boxes and used CAT-5 cable as signal wire. The entire rig was 12V but I put a 5V voltage regulator on the board with the K-30 (and associated sensors) to step down the voltage and then returned the signal back to the Arduino via another CAT-5 channel. I put a small fan on the enclosure to draw air through and past the K-30, humidity, and temperature sensors.The sensors either just monitored ambient CO2 levels, or in some instances were used to operate a dosing valve attached to a compressed CO2 tank. The plants loved it!

Jonathan Bonner

CFM Group, LLC

"Excellent bits of kit."

Just an email to say thank you for the great customer service and responses to the endless questions. The K-30 sensor we ordered arrived safely and are excellent bits of kit. They're very versatile and GasLab is very easy to use and minimal on the system requirements. It's likely that we'll be ordering more in the future for other uses.

University of Reading

"A pleasure to work with."

Good afternoon Marco - First and foremost, thank you for the best customer service experience I've had in a long time. You have been a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, polite, and courteous.

Jacob Lineback
Catalytic Generators LLC

"Some feedback on your product."

I would like to give some feedback on your product (CM-0005 Sample Draw Meter). The first thing I noticed was how nice the case and accessories were. I like that you can use batteries or an AC adapter. The ease of use was also impressive for there is little warm up time. The portability of the unit is also nice when you are testing units and the unit is very operator friendly.

Michael B.
University of Colorado

"I gave one to each of my assistants"

I bought one of your "I gave one to each of my assistants"

I bought one of your CO meters for myself a few years ago and used it constantly to give a quick check at a fire scene or routine CO call. When I retired, I gave one to each of my assistants because it was so useful to me.

Charles C. Scudio, Ex-Chief
Amityville Fire Department

"We like the compactness and easy of use."

Attached are some photos of the meter installed. We like the compactness and easy of use. We like that you have many models to chose from and price points. We have had a lot of interest from people on this end and it would serve you well to reach out to the booming craft brewery industry here in Canada as more regulations are being implemented.

Michael D'Agnillo, Vice President
Maclean's Ales, Inc.

"Purchased portable CO meters for myself a few years ago and used it constantly to give a quick check at a fire scene or routine CO call. When I retired, I gave one to each of my assistants because it was so useful to me.


Charles C. Scudio, Ex-Chief
Amityville Fire Department

"I had the Arduino & COZIR up and running in about an hour."

Thanks for the e-mail, it's appreciated. It's rare these days that vendors actually care! The co2 sensor did indeed arrive in proper working order. A couple of google searches and I had the Arduino & COZIR up and running in about an hour.

As for my project, it's a custom greenhouse controller based on the Arduino board. I'll be monitoring temp, humidity, co2, and water temps....These systems retail for a minimum of $600, so far I'm about $300 into mine and it will be much more customizable. It could easily be modified to monitor hydroponics and even automation of hydroponics if one were so inclined.


"Control a ventilation fan through Raspberry Pi"

The K30 sensors arrived, sooner than I expected. Amazingly fast, in fact! All sensors looked all right, I have used one of them. The two sensors I bought in the end of January, have been working without single fail for about 1 1/2 months now. Both give measuring data 6 times / hour to our home database, via Raspberry Pi's. Just today I am programming a function to control a ventilation fan, through raspberry Pi's GPIO, based on CO2 and temperature information.Your instructions to connect K30 to RasPi were very good. I got the thing running in no time. The longest it took to solder necessary pins to sensor to wire the UART interface. But also then, the datasheet from your web pages was easy to read.

Jussi Kirjasniemi


"Fast delivery and total satisfaction..."

I write to confirm the surprisingly fast delivery and my total satisfaction with the sensor you sold me - I carefully soldered it to my raspberry Pi, and utilized the script with the settings I've found on your site to get the readings and everything immediately worked! I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks!

Danyl M.

"The K30 sensor works great"

The K30 sensor works great and I was able to get it up and running without issue thanks to all the detailed documentation provided on the website. My work with the K30 sensor is still preliminary as it is being integrated into an OSH design for a sensor node that reports to our development instance of the OSS ThingStack (thingstack.org) framework. Our goal was to find affordable calibrated components for a modular environmental sensor node that will be a building block for future projects.


"My plan is to incorporate the use of an Raspberry Pi "

I am letting you know that it did indeed arrive in working order and in a timely manner. I am very pleased that it is serving the purpose that is was intended for and very well. The device is being utilized for testing the effects and advantages of increased CO2 levels in my floral greenhouse. I have not yet completed my full implementation by monitoring and automating the CO2 levels. My plan is to incorporate the use of an Raspberry Pi which will maintain data records and eventually automate control of regulated CO2 dispersal

I know that this type of automation and monitoring is being done on a larger scale, but this is for my own amusement and education. With a little research I chose your Miniature CO2 Monitor mainly for its affordability and needed functionality. It basically was exactly the device I had envisioned when I sought out a way to monitor this experiment I wanted to explore.

Thomas Dunnigan

Children's headaches from poor air quality in the classroom

Hi, thank you for your wonderful product -- indeed I can't thank you enough for the peace and clarity of mind that has come knowing that the source of my constant headaches and breathing problems has been the poor air quality in my classroom. The TIM10 has finally given data to support my many concerns and claims about the 'stuffy' conditions inside the school building I've worked in for the last 14 years.

I pray that will the clear CO2 readings showing the date and time will finally give maintenance the data needed to pinpoint the issue and fix it! This course of action was proved to be so reasonable that several of my coworkers have also purchased TIM10 meters from you in the past two weeks. So many that I can now work through the building and hear the alarms sounding in their classrooms. Children are becoming very trained to know the sound and solution -- open the window - now! The science experiment is quickly spreading, and I hope, the headaches dropping as, at least the room with windows can let in the fresh air that has come with the light of knowledge that your meter has provided.

Thanks really isn't enough to say for the relief you have delivered! I also appreciate your many encouraging insights and offer of help on the phone this morning. At the moment I can't even say, 'darn cat' for chewing the power cord or I may never have talked to you - what a silver lining!

8th Grade Teacher
Name withheld by request

"Now I have the ability to trace water leaks"

The following is my experience using your 30% CO2 Sample Draw Meter. In the worse possible weather we have had in 20 years we suffered a water leak in our main 2" schedule 80 PVC water line to our subdivision. The leak was not sufficient to break through to the surface but in 10 days leaked 72,000 gallons into the ground.

By installing cut-off valves, I was able to isolate the leak to within a 1,000 foot section. I charged this section of line with CO2. I fashioned a wand attaching the inlet hose to the 30% CO2 Sample Draw Meter and began sweeping the area above the water line. I picked up a surge in CO2 particles that went from .4 to 15.7. This was the only indication I had as a starting point for the leak. With the backhoe we dug in that spot locating the pipe 6 ft. underground and were directly over a busted coupling which was the source of the leak. I am greatly impressed with the performance of the meter and how it led us to the busted water line.

I would especially like to thank you and your staff for the valuable advice and information they gave me which led to the purchase of this 30% CO2 Sample Draw Meter. Now I have the ability to trace water leaks should any occur in the future.


John D. Thacker

"Immediately I had exact readings"

I manage 5 small apartment buildings. Recently a CO alarm went off and there was no way to check for the source so I bought the dSense meter. Immediately I had exact readings to monitor and found the source and was able to handle it. I know my tenants feel safer that I have the right equipment to get to the root of the problem! Makes us all feel a lot safer. Thank you!

Jeff Litton
Litton Realty

"Your pSense and Probe CO2 meters are useful training tools."

Most of my building design work over the past 10-15 years has involved climate-responsive design, e.g. how to maximize energy efficiency, avoid high thermal capacity materials exposure to insulation, and what works and doesn't work when it comes to cooling breezes, etc.

In addition to playing a supervisory role on projects, your pSense and Probe CO2 meters are useful training tools for indicating indoor air relative to outdoor air quality, is the air exchange/AC working adequately, etc.

Martin Clark, BA GradDipTP
Townsville, NQ, Australia

"Thanks for a great sensor!"

The K30 10,000ppm sensor arrived in perfect condition and works great connected to a 3.3V Arduino Pro Micro. Thanks for a great sensor!

Christian G.

"It is very easy to work with."

This thing (K30 Sensor) is awesome. It's very easy to work with, and the datasheets/examples made getting going super fast. We're already talking about doing field trials and it's only been on the bench for a week, and that over the holidays...

Karl Haase, Research Chemist
U.S. Geological Survey

"You have won my loyalty and future business."

I would like to commend CO2 Meter Inc., and specifically Josh Pringle, on superior customer relations. I had a number of problems on your meters part of which was my fault, partly not. In spite of my company being only a small purchaser of your products you treated me fairly and professionally and for this I am grateful. I am sure you have experienced yourself, uninspired, if not outright poor service. What a relief to deal with [people] that truly understand how good service provides enormous future dividends for your company.

You have won my loyalty and future business.Well done and give my congratulations to all those I dealt with.

Bob De Saro, President
Energy Research Company

"We have problems with ventilation in our new hospital."

I am using [your meters] to monitor CO and CO2 in my office and department because we have problems with ventilation in our new hospital. It is very cold here, and on several occasions the ventilation for the hospital has frozen and somehow allowed exhaust from our box trucks, vans and cars in the parking lot to fill my office as well as other areas of the hospital. It has been bad enough to make me feel very ill on these occasions. I want to keep a record when this happens as I do not want anyone exposed to this on an ongoing basis and objective proof will help get issues addressed more quickly.

Heidi Shinn-Aga, MSPT

"Thank you for your amazing products."

I'd like to thank you for your amazing products. My TIM10 made me realize how fast CO2 levels in my apartment tend to rise quickly.

Julien B.

"I no longer have unsafe CO2 levels indoors."

The meter arrived in fine condition. It is working as advertised. I was having problems with a vent less propane heater in this cabin. The meter has changed my heat source to an electric infra red heater. Most importantly, I no longer have unsafe CO2 levels indoors. You make a great product.

Kent Roche

"OSHA was called and the AC was fixed."

My wife was getting headaches at work. She put the TIM10 on her desk and proved that the ventilation system was not working. OSHA was called and the AC was fixed.

David Tyler

"This meter changed my world!"

The moment I powered the TIM10 CO2 monitor a high CO2 level alarm sounded. My CO2 was around 2,800 ppm. I was a bit surprised at first but then realized that the small office gets filled quite fast with breath exhaust carbon dioxide. In my bedroom (closed environment) for example I have around 350-500ppm (fresh air) and after 10 hours of sleep it was 2000ppm (over 2k ppm is considered unhealthy).

I found on the internet that the FDA suggests keeping the C02 levels to be kept below 1,000 ppm and they explain that levels over 2,000 ppm is unhealthy as it reduces energy and sometimes causes slight headaches. I've inspected all rooms for air pollution and found out that the meter responds quite fast to new environments and can give you stable reading within less than a minute. It seems that good fresh air circulation is needed to keep the CO2 levels normal. I highly recommend this product!

Venetsian Jakimov

"This seller does not hesitate to correct a customer service issue with the utmost integrity."

To be honest, I'd give the CO2 meter 4.5 stars - it's the customer service that brings it to an overall 5 for me. They sent it to me promptly. It worked great for three months, then one day went completely dead for some reason. I contacted the seller, even though it was months outside of the return window. They authorized the return anyway, so I sent it back to them to take a look at. After they got it, I called and they told me they couldn't find a problem, it seemed to work fine. I could hear it beeping over the phone as they told me, so I figured okay, that's weird, but if it works, great, go ahead and send it back. They did. I got it back. It worked great for about five minutes, then died again. Evidently it wanted to act like one of those obnoxious electronic defects that never wants to show itself when the repair guy is looking - it happens from time to time, even with otherwise excellent products - nothing is perfect 100% of the time, so no worries.

I called them again and told them what happened. Without any resistance at all, they told me they would send me a replacement. They told me not to spend the money shipping the old unit back again, just to provide the serial number so they can contact the manufacturer, and they would pay the freight on the replacement. It arrived a couple days later from Florida (I'm in Seattle). The new one is working great, and this seller does not hesitate to correct a customer service issue with the utmost integrity. Five stars all the way . . . seller is a credit to the Amazon community.

David Meglemre via Amazon

"I have observed a 30% reduction in CO2 generation cost."

I cannot quantify better results in growth because I was already using C02. However, by enriching the environment with CO2, growers can expect to roughly double their yields if no other factors are limiting growth e.g. lights, nutrients, temperature etc. But, what I can quantify is a drop in variables costs due to a reduction in the cost of generating CO2.

With the CO2 meter giving a precise measurement of the CO2 levels, I was able to optimize my burner output such that it only burns enough natural gas to generate the desired CO2 level. I found that before I had the meter installed, I had the burner set too high and was generating excess amounts of CO2 and heat. Excess heat has to be removed from the area and that is costly because air conditioners are the only way to do that and they consume large amounts of electricity.

After implementing the meter, I have observed a 30% reduction in CO2 generation cost…the natural gas bill dropped down to ~$46/month instead of $66/month. I have already recommended you folks to some friends.

Patrick P.

"Wondered why I was so tired all of the time."

Wow. Amazed. Wondered why I was so tired all of the time. Now, I'm able to monitor the indoor air quality. Found out that plants have very little effect on the environment, to even compensate for all of the fumes that us humans breathe out you would need a tremendous number of plants (I'm estimating at least 10 large plants about 4 feet tall or taller) and the corresponding lights (since nearly all plants except for Sanserveria contribute CO2 to the environment without light). Even with a window cracked the air was bad. Now I know how much the window needs to be open, and a lot of the fatigue and grogginess has decreased significantly.

I suggest bringing it to the office as well. Most of the older buildings were built without proper air ventilation. Get a bunch of employees in a room without proper ventilation and expect productivity and profits to decrease, while errors and arguments increase. Or, use these monitors to make sure that your employees have air to breathe. We can only live a few minutes without breathing and weeks without food, yet we pay so much attention to what we eat and ignore what we're breathing, maybe far more focus needs to be put on the air we're breathing before it even makes sense to worry about food. What are YOU breathing?

C. Bassett

"I would buy this again, and recommend it."

I have had this TIM10 CO2 meter for about a month. I have been using it to monitor c02 levels in a small greenhouse. It is very sensitive. When I enter the greenhouse the carbon dioxide from my breath causes the reading to start rising. Compared to other CO2 meters this item was only about 25% of the cost. The single negative for me is the alarm function. When the C02 level climbs above 1000 ppm, as it does several times a day in the greenhouse, an alarm begins to sound. Hitting the reset button temporarily turns off the alarm, but I have found no way to disable it for good. This makes sense if you are using it as an air quality meter, but I am not so it is an annoyance. I do like the min/max memory function. I would buy this again, and recommend it.

Matthew Wonson

"This thing works great!!"

I use the TIM10 to monitor the CO2 in my little greenhouse with my homemade CO2 generator and this thing works great!! I wanted something accurate and small and didn't cost too much and this is it! Very easy to work and it does have limits you can set to make sure the alarm doesn't go off every 5 minutes. It does change to F to C and 12 hr clock or 24 hr. Best part of all it showed up a day earlier than it said it was going to! That's always a plus for me!! GREAT PRODUCT AND EXPERIENCE WITH THIS!!

BeeHappy via Amazon

"It is surprising how quickly CO2 builds when the house is closed up."

We have a very tightly constructed home and the TIM10 unit allows us to monitor CO2 levels in the home. We just installed a replacement HRV (hear recovery ventilation system) in the home and started monitoring the CO2 levels. It is surprising how quickly CO2 builds when the house is closed up and there are more than a couple people in the home. Good thing this has a reset button because the alarm can get a bit obnoxious until the HRV gets more fresh air into the house.

Alan McCoy

"I want to say job well done on both orders."

Thanks for the follow up...I want to say job well done on both orders. The order process is very easy and you guys really hustle to get the product to me. When I needed to return the product, the process was again an easy one.When I need products like this, I'll be sure to order directly from you again.

Matt Eckert, Vice President
Hypoxico, Inc.

"Thank you and your company for the efficient service I received."

I would like to thank you and your company for the efficient service I received. A special thanks goes to Ginny for the extra effort she made with the shipping arrangements and costs. I'm sure you will be hearing from us in the future.

Lawrie Bruton, President
Bruster PHC

"Your products, documentation and code samples will make it easier for me to finish the project on time."

I want to thank Ray Hicks and Marco Velez for their advice. My science project "Moving Vehicle Study of Fracking Sites" will be more professional than I ever imagined.

Your products, supporting documentation and code samples will make it easier for me to finish the project on time. I also appreciate leads you have provided to other experts in order to enhance my study even further.

Matthew S.

"Great documentation...I really appreciate the effort you put into it!"

I purchased the k30 sensor a few weeks back and have a question about some of my readings. I am using an Arduino with your supplied guide and code. By the way, great documentation...I really appreciate the effort you put into it!

Scott W.

"Your CO2Meter is a unique device in the world market"

I wanted to let you know about the use of CO2 meters for earthquake prediction. I bought two CO2 loggers one year ago. Our project was to figure out if CO2 emissions preceded earthquake occurrences. To avoid atmospheric contamination, we decided to search for deep caves developed along active seismic zones. We choose the southeast part of Spain, and introduced CO2 loggers at 300m in depth (about 990 ft).

Your CO2 meter is a unique device in the world market to work under our constraints. It continuously recorded at this depth every 2 hours for 6 months without external power supply and with high humidity rate. The temporal series has been successful in this first semestral interval. Therefore, we are thinking to develop a comprehensive underground network of CO2 loggers by using your devices. Thank you for your devices, science is going one step beyond.

Raúl Pérez López
Earthquake geologist, PhD
Spanish Geological Survey

"We compared your SprintIR 20% CO2 sensor to a $50,000 patient monitor"

We compared your SprintIR 20% CO2 sensor to a $50,000 patient monitor we have. When using the same filters and water traps, we got very comparable results.

Alan Grimmer
Product Development Engineer
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
Auckland, New Zealand

"I grow giant onions..."

Here is where I use your new CO2 monitor that arrived last week. I grow giant onions, and they need CO2 in the day at about 1,200 ppm.

Keith Foster

"CO2 Meter tech support is responsive and helpful."

the K-30 sensor is part of the bio-sphere project and remote climate data collectors...it works great in all natural environments. Since we have started using the K-30, it has run in 90% RH at any range of temperatures (basically hanging 2 inches over water in a closed container). Within the bio-sphere projects, humidity and temperature ranges swing all over the map. Out of the half-dozen K-30s, none has failed or needed to be exchanged. We have started to place K-30s in outdoor data collection stations. They have been working great.

When developing embedded code for the K-30 communications, CO2 Meter tech support is responsive and helpful. They sent me examples and stuck with me until I completed the programming job.

Paul Holowko

"I'm sleeping much better and deeper now that the CO2 levels in my home are lower."

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know just how wonderful I think your CO2 meters are.

My wife and I first had an inkling that something might be off with our household air quality this Spring. We have a highly energy-efficient house, complete with a foam-filled, fully sealed attic.

Eventually, we found your TIM CO2 display meter on Amazon.com and purchased one on July 1st. You shipped it promptly, we hooked it up and it IMMEDIATELY started alarming—even though we'd thoroughly aired the house out earlier that day, the CO2 level was almost 1,300 ppm. We aired the house out again, took the CO2 meter outside to get an idea of outdoor air quality, and saw that it was about 392 ppm. Over time, we learned to manage air quality by airing out the house (using a whole house air fan and open doors/windows) as needed to try to keep levels at 800 ppm or less. But this was not a satisfactory permanent solution, in my book.

I quickly realized we needed an engineered solution. So we did more research, and, in a nutshell, here's how we eventually solved our problem (with the invaluable help of your CO2 meters):

  • First, I installed what I affectionately call a "snorkel:" a 6-inch duct with a roof penetration, which funnels outside air from my rooftop directly into my air conditioner's return air system. In this 6-inch duct, I installed a 240 CFM Panasonic FV-20NLF1 Whisper Line Fan, whose on/off operation is controlled by your iSense IAQ CO2 Level Controller (I also purchased the optional USB computer cable so I can tweak settings as needed).
  • We eventually programmed the iSense unit to maintain CO2 levels of 525-600 ppm. We located the TIM CO2 display monitor in our living room and we use it to get a general idea of interior CO2 levels. I'm happy to report that the iSense unit is doing its job perfectly and my A/C system now maintains interior CO2 levels that have never exceeded 620 ppm.

When I explained what I'd done, my pulmonologist commented that higher oxygen levels in the house would definitely enhance my health. I can positively feel the difference, as can my wife.

I'm very grateful to you for your priceless tech support during my installation process; thank you for all your help!

Paul Elders
Fort Worth, TX

"Thank you for your support."

I am the geologist from Spain that purchased 2 rechargeable CO2 data loggers with hydrophobic filters on the vents for use for measurements inside caves. I wanted to let you know that after 3 months with an logging interval of 2 hours and only one battery charge, the units are still working well. Thank you for the support and information.

Saludos desde España

Raul Perez Lopez, Ph.D.
Madrid, Spain

"Most companies take weeks to make deliveries."

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your products and service. I needed to order a sample draw meter to test CO2 levels in bags of potatoes delivered to our French fry factory in China (I'm heading there next week). The meter arrived within 4 days of the order, as promised, and that included crossing into Canada. Most companies take weeks to make deliveries. Then, when I ran into a problem with calibration I called your technical support line and was immediately speaking to a real, live, person. We quickly found out that there was problem with the software, but there was a quick fix. You can't imaging how nice it is to talk to someone instead of wading through phone computer menus. You can be sure that we will be buying more products from your site.

John W.

"Took only 10 minutes to get it installed and running."

Order shipped 19 July, arrived 24 July - excellent :-) Took only 10 minutes to get it installed and running.
Many thanks,

M. Clark
Townsville, NQ Australia

"Best service I've had in a while."

I got the power plug yesterday and all is good, the meter works like clock work again. It is in use 24/7 and never misses a beat. Thank you...Best service I've had in a while.

Lake Tahoe, CA

"I Fount Your Resource Page Quite Helpful..."

I'm a volunteer librarian, and I found your resource page on CO2 and indoor air quality helpful in our attempts to make our facility more green while educating other libraries, schools and businesses on how to go green.

M. Brooks

"Great Service after the Sale"

We've been using liquid CO2 as part of a commercial HVAC R&D project, an have used both your wall mounted CO2 alarm and hand held CO2 meters for about a year. Your service after the sale has been great, and we'll be purchasing more of your units in the future.

Marc P.

"We Don't Usually Include CO2 Testing...I'm Glad We Did"

I recently did a routine IAQ "home health check" for a client in Shanghai...the radon came back above the EPA action level. Strangely, the CO2 measurements were also way above normal.

We don't usually include CO2 testing in residential projects unless clients complain of stuffiness or have ventilation issues. In this case, I'm glad we did. I first assumed that the CO2 monitor had problems or the consultant sampled incorrectly, but then I did some research and found that CO2 is often a carrier gas for radon and that areas with high radon are often accompanied by higher concentrations of CO2.

I will be including CO2 as a standard when testing any radon in a home with a basement.

Louie @ Pure Living China

"Here is How Your CO2 Meter Helped Students in our District."

I teach Life Science to 7th graders, Earth Science to 8th graders, and an entry level Environmental Science elective course at Clyde Boyd Middle School in Sand Springs, OK. I received your CO2 meters as part of a toolkit from a program called Oklahoma Green Schools. We used the meters to monitor levels of Carbon Dioxide inside the classrooms and all over the school. They were the TIM10 style and were very easy to use. My students made a chart to monitor for 5 days, each class beginning and end readings. We asked teachers that wouldn't mind to volunteer their rooms for some real investigations that would help collect data for our project in the ES classes. We had an overwhelming response and collected some very good data.

Within the first 15 minutes classes reach over 1,000ppm with the door closed and an average of 22 students. Classes that leave their door open and an average of 22 students levels reach over 1,000ppm in 25 minutes. At the end of class levels reached 2,500ppm and 2,100ppm respectively. One classroom of 30 students. After lunch, it reached levels of 4,825ppm with the door closed...in the other room that had 18 students and an open door, the levels barely reached 1,200ppm.

The teachers that signed up for this study were really interested in the findings. We noticed a rise in asthma sufferers needing their inhalers later in the day when CO2 levels were the highest, typically after lunch. We also found a direct correlation to nausea, and headache complaints when levels were over 2,000ppm. Yawning started about 2,500ppm and progressed to some students just laying their heads down around 3,500ppm. Students struggle to pay attention with high levels of CO2, and even the dean of students saw more discipline issues later in the day.

The building has been added onto for over 30 years and has been renovated numerous times. Our HVAC systems have CO2 sensors in the hallways but not inside classrooms. They are also on a timer system to conserve energy. Some teachers leave their doors open, others close theirs, while some even open windows. We had a lot of variables and no two classes were alike. With our findings we were able to convince the architect to install the sensors inside the classrooms. This will increase the amount of fresh air that gets inside the classroom when levels get too high.

Next year we will continue to monitor CO2 to ensure the levels stay at suitable ranges and will use the monitors at other schools within our district to ensure the learning continues.

Thanks for your product and the application to keep our kids learning by keeping their levels of CO2 to a minimum.

Kenneth Cole
Science Teacher
Clyde Boyd Middle School
Sand Springs, OK

"Your Resource Page is Great"

I hope you don't mind me emailing you but i wanted to tell you that your resource page is great. I teach a women's health course...it has been so helpful in answering some questions during our pollution section....

Gracie L.

"CO2meter REALLY cares for their customers..."

I just wanted to write to thank the wonderful staff of CO2Meter.com.

I recently purchased a KL33-ELG sensor and data logger to be used in a NASA funded research project. As I was researching the many sensors on the market, i stumbled upon this website. With a very limited knowledge of NDIR sensors, the staff at CO2meter were incredibly helpful. Ray Hicks was very patient and easy to talk to. He consistently dedicated time to help my cause. Furthermore, Andrew Robinson provided speedy and effective updates when I inquired about a minor software patch.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that I ONLY PURCHASED ONE SENSOR.

Considering the time and energy that the staff at CO2Meter dedicated to my project, I am dumbfounded. CO2meter REALLY cares for their customers, and I highly recommend both their products as well as their customer service.

Matthew Jui

"CO2 Meter Discovers Classroom Intruders"

Here is my story regarding the CO2 meter. I teach Environmental Science courses, which also include labs. One of the labs is based on CO2 monitoring on campus. Students have a netbook and a CO2 monitor, and perform two different kinds of tasks.

The first one consists of measuring CO2 concentrations in different locations. They have to make assumptions about what concentrations they will find, make measurements, and then try to find the explanations for the results.

The most interesting part consists of exploring height dependence of CO2 in large spaces – tall hallways including stairs, our large Atrium which includes a 3 story-high living wall (a wall covered with plants), or in narrow spaces such as staircases. This really stimulates critical, scientific thinking, and imagination – to find interesting spaces and reflect on the physical processes occurring there.

We had quite a few surprises. For instance, we measured CO2 in a classroom, right after the class was over, and 120 students were streaming out. We thought we would find really high CO2 values. The result? 400-450 ppm, which is quite close to what we measure outside! The ventilation system, which includes an air exchange effect of the living wall, seems to work very well.

The second task is more exciting: it concerns CO2 over time. We monitor CO2 continuously, and see how the concentration changes when we open a window in a room with no ventilation. We compare what we find at the floor level, with the curves recorded higher up - 1 metre, 2 metres, close to the ceiling, etc. Fascinating pedagogical material.

However, this is how I got to have another surprise. I left the CO2 monitor on in my office, with the intention of recording the concentrations over a longer time interval – a couple of days. I could see the typical pattern of concentration increase while I was working in there, and a low decrease after I left, etc.

I was shocked when, one morning, when analyzing the data, I could see the same type of curve – recorded overnight! It was clear to me that somebody must have breathed in there! I contacted campus security, and they confirmed that a janitor had worked in my office (cleaning/waxing the floor or something like that).

Anyway, I found it funny that you can actually use a CO2 meter as a security device! When did you ever hear of a thief wearing an oxygen mask?

Dr. Cristian Suteanu
Saint Mary's University


"Your meters and your staff have been easy to work with..."

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help with our CO2 measurement needs.

We are working on a research project to use CO2 from power plant emissions to grow algae for biofuel production. One of our key priorities has been to determine how much CO2 we could strip from the flue gas.

Your meters and your staff have been easy to work with. We have especially appreciated your help in resolving issues with a faulty transformer and helping us to get going again.

S. D.
Salt Lake City, UT


"My CO2 Meter Story"

Recently I bought a CO2 meter designed by a nice guy named Ray, mostly for measuring the CO2 content in our waterjack incubator. It's a nice meter, easy to use and has good repeatability.

Our CO2 incubator has humidity as high as 97%, so one day, I found water coming from the outlet of the meter, and I decided to dry it. I connected the meter inlet to an air source at our lab, blew for about 1 minute until there was no water from the outlet. Very sadly after this, I found the meter is dead - it can not read CO2 content at all.

I was afraid I had damaged it. I called Ray and told him how fragile his meter is. He told me that this machine should be very rugged because it uses a theory when a certain density of infrared light passing CO2, the content of CO2 will effect the density of the infrared light. He asked if I would open the case to check what happened.

I opened the case and found the tubing was blown off the chamber inlet. I referred to the specifications of the meter, the maximum pressure of the meter is 500 mbars which is equivalent to 7.25 PSI while the air source pressure is 50 PSI.

I hope no other CO2 meter user will copy my stupid way to dry their CO2 meter. Use a humidity filter or just the room air to blow away the water.

Los Angeles, CA

Editor's Note: We understand...we've done this once or twice ourselves


"Thank you so much for offering a reliable, economical, CO2 meter!"

One of my hobbies is horticulture. It has been a passion of mine since I was very young. My wife and I are now both avid gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts.

In the quest to find better ways to enhance the grow environment of our greenhouse, I decided I was going to need to monitor the levels of CO2 in the air. I went to my local garden stores to find a solution. I came to find out what I was looking for was going to cost me somewhere in the range of $500-$900 and more, ouch!

Not one store sold a low cost, accurate, CO2 meter. It was kind of hard to believe. I knew there had to be a low cost CO2 monitoring device out there somewhere.

After searching around on the internet, I came across your site and was delighted to find a great line of CO2 meters. I was very relieved to find the price was within my budget as well! I placed my order for the AQ100 CO2 meter (co2 only).

After a couple of days I received my new meter. The first thing I did was plug it into every room in my house to see how our indoor CO2 levels were. I discovered we need better ventilation..Then installed it in the greenhouse..

This meter works flawlessly! Thank you so much for offering a reliable, economical, CO2 meter!

Luke M.
Orange County, CA


"Thank You!"

"Thank you for all you have done to help me get this item replaced! I truly appreciate it!"



"I found yet another use for my CO2 meter...pest control."

"Last year I purchased one of your CO2 meters for my indoor garden. It's important for me to keep my CO2 levels between 1200 ppm to 1500 ppm to optimize my plant growth. CO2 levels are always changing as occupants enter and leave the room. The amount being used varies with the size of the plants and the tank solenoid valves are not always the most accurate. The only way I could be confident in the amount of CO2 in my room was to purchase a CO2 meter.

Then several months ago my garden was invaded by spider mites, fungus gnats and white flies. I am an organic gardener and didn't want to use any non organic sprays on my plants, but the organic sprays are not as effective and still damage the plants. I then remembered reading an article where CO2 was used to control pests.

I raised my CO2 to 10,000 ppm for four hours, to my delight all of the spider mites, fungus gnats and white flies were dead on the floor of my garden. I then repeated the process 5 days later after any eggs had been given a chance to hatch and I have been bug free ever since.

I found yet another use for my CO2 meter...pest control."

Jeff in Colorado


"The aSense GH is a Perfect Fit For My Clients."

"I spent the better part of a month looking for a good CO2 transmitter to use in a few green houses we are working on. I wanted a sensor with a nice moisture resistant housing that could tie right into my logic controller with either 0-10V or 4-20Ma output.

The aSense GH is a perfect fit for my clients. It has an incredibly accurate CO2 transmitter and a temperature transmitter as well. The unit has been installed for a few months now and is working perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better unit.

Thanks guys!"

Matt Berk, President
Current Installations
Denver, CO


"I don't often find the excellent level of tech support like you provide!"

"thanks for the quick reply and great information. I don't often find the excellent level of tech support like you provide!
It was incredibly easy to capture and parse the output string from the SenseLife CAM using your instructions. Keep up the great work!"

Ken Stutzman
Windsor, Colorado


"The K30 was probably the easiest of all to implement..."

"For our Senior Design group project in hydroponics, we had quite a few sensors to implement, some with associated circuitry and others that were easily implemented into the overall system.Actually, the K30 was probably the easiest of all to implement considering the design and "pre-programming" your company offers.

We appreciate the support of your company and would like you to know that your sensor helped play an integral part in our understanding of sensors and their system integration. Thanks!"

Doug Cooper
Engineering Student
University of Central Florida


"CO2 meter is essential."

"This is fantastic. It took me two months to finally figure out where 1,700 ppm levels were coming from in our house. It's the damn oven pilot lights in our brick, aluminum frame windows, sealed tight sometimes. Accounts for backaches and tiredness and earaches.

Until I get the hang of it, monitoring CO2, wind speed and direction, venting windows, carbon filters, and exhaust fans appropriately, I feel like a sea captain in the 1800s, looking for that clean air. But I think it will work out well.

Took a lot to figure this out, decades in fact, and I'm a radical, environ- mentally aware, science type. CO2 meter is essential. Should be taught in grammar school."

New York, NY


"It was so easy to communicate"

"The K-22 CO2 sensor is excellent to use in a research lab application. The PWM chip allowed us to seamlessly integrate with PIC microcontrollers to make a closed control loop.

It was so easy to communicate between the K-22 PWM and the PIC circuit, I will definitely be looking to this line of products (CO2 as well as others) in further sensing applications.


Westbrook Weaver
Engineering Department UCLA


"CO2 sensors...do their job exactly as advertised."

"Your CO2 sensors are very nice, carefully made, and do their job exactly as advertised. All I needed to turn them into a portable meter was a package and a display, which I had no trouble making. I found the support staff both prompt and helpful, and am a satisfied customer."

Hal Lewis
Emeritus Professor of Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara


"I'm amazed at how sensitive the monitors are."

I bought a SenseLife TIM8 CO2 Monitor last summer. The monitor has been very valuable to me in issues regarding ventilation in my surroundings and I am really happy with the monitor...I'm amazed at how sensitive the monitors are and how quickly they show changes in the CO2 level."

L.T., Kentucky


"It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to e-mail CO2 levels."

"The K-30 devkit is pretty awesome. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to e-mail CO2 levels to my Blackberry."

A.R., Michigan

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