SprintIR 20Hz 5-100% CO2 Sensor

SprintIR 20Hz 5-100% CO2 Sensor
SprintIR 20Hz 5-100% CO2 Sensor
SprintIR 20Hz 5-100% CO2 Sensor
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  • GC-0018

  • GC-0019

  • GC-0017

  • GC-0009

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GC-0018 (0-100%)
GC-0019 (0-60%)
GC-0017 (0-20%)
GC-0009 (0-5%)

Fast, Accurate Carbon Dioxide Sensor

The SprintIR carbon dioxide sensor is the fastest, most accurate CO2 sensor on the market. A breakthrough in NDIR technology, the SprintIR uses advanced solid state Indium Antimonide LED’s and detectors to offer a robust sensor with no moving parts, no heated filaments, and incredibly low power requirements. The sensor comes in four versions - from 5%, to 100% - all capable of the same high-speed CO2 measurement. This makes the SprintIR especially useful in biological applications.

For Capnographic Testing Information and Results of the GSS SprintIR 20% CO2 Sensor, refer to App Note129

  • Real-time sensing - 20hz
  • Measurement ranges from 5% to 100%
  • Low power requirements
  • Virtually instant detection


  • Measurement ranges from 5% to 100%
  • Ultra-low power: 3.2 to 5V, (recommended 3.3V)
  • Average Current <15mA
  • Peak current only 100mA
  • Weight 8 grams w/ tube cap 29 grams
  • Serial communications 9600/8/1/N

CO2 Measurement

  • Sensing Method: NDIR with Gold-plated optics
  • Sample Method: Diffusion (Tube adapter available)
  • Measurement Range: 0-5%,0-20%,0-60%,0-100%
  • Accuracy: ±70 ppm ± 5% of reading
  • Response Time: < 2 secs to initial reading, <1 min to operational


  • Power Input: 3.2-5.5VDC, < 35 mW



  • 90 Days

Datasheet Data Sheet (pdf)

Software User's Guide Software User's Guide (pdf)

Power requirements Power Requirements (pdf)

Dimensional Drawings (pdf)

SprintIR test SprintIR Capnography Test (pdf)

Datasheet SprintIR Speed Comparison Test (pdf)