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Craft Breweries, COVID-19 and the Craft Brewer's Conference

Craft Brewers Conference CO2 Meter

For professional brewers and beverage industry leaders, the Craft Brewer's Conference is the number one event of the year. 

Statistically speaking, year after year the conference and expo will host more than 13,000+ attendees and feature 80+ educational seminars led by the top leaders in the brewing arena.

Just by attending the exposition, brewers from around the world can network and learn from some of the best solutions providers at the expo while also expanding their knowledge at the limitless seminars. Overall, this event is the sort that brewers do not want to miss out on, while they develop profitable relationships and encounter the latest and greatest technology to further expand their reach in the exploding industry.

But what happens with the leading event of the year is canceled or postponed and the industry is faced with a national pandemic?

The impact of COVID-19 on Craft Breweries and the Brewers Association

Prior to COVID-19 the craft beer community was rapidly growing with taprooms expanding and restaurants/breweries opening around the nation and across the globe. When we view the industry a few months after COVID related shutdowns the industry was devastated by the pandemic and what seemed to be a prosperous year on the new horizon, ended in devastating closed doors and financial hardships.

Even events such as the The Craft Brewer's Conference led by the Brewer's Association, made the hardest decision to cancel their 2020 sought-after event in San Antonio while gearing their focus towards aiding the craft brew communities.  

While the change in pace continued to look grim, there was hope for the community with small government business relief loans and determined craft brewers adapting and determined to survive during the difficult time.

As we entered 2021, brewers have adapted in more ways than anyone could have imagined. Their resilience and drive have served the market in a whole new light. Where breweries in the past held tastings and events, now they are offering orders online, beer to doorsteps, and a brighter vision of post-pandemic opportunities.

Looking towards the Future

As the pandemic still follows us, brewers and the team at CO2Meter can not help but think of the lockdowns and the importance of supporting this beloved community. While we could not be showcasing the latest craft brewery technologies and networking with our favorite head brewers, we became even more so engrossed in the 2021 Craft Brewer's Conference and felt gratitude for being able to still be a part of such a dedicated community.

CO2Meter is honored to be able to partner with some of the leaders in the industry who are not only offering their products to consumers but coming together to help each other in boosting other leaders across communities like those in indoor agriculture. "We are seeing such a huge uptick in the amount of craft breweries that are offering CO2 capture opportunities to those in cannabis, seamlessly integrating each other's services to continue to meet the needs of the market even amidst the pandemic.", stated CO2Meter Executive Vice President, Joshua Pringle.

We could not be more excited to partner again with the craft brewery community and continue to look to draft installers, technicians, and brewer feedback in order to maximize our efforts in providing and ensuring quality gas detection devices to meet the rigorous needs in brewery applications.

Why CO2 Monitoring in Breweries?

You may be curious, why would craft breweries and beverage industries care about CO2 Safety?

With the average brewery employee working around high levels of CO2 daily, the need for CO2 safety devices has continued to become required in many jurisdictions.

Whether your local municipalities or fire codes require CO2 safety devices for compliance, it doesn't matter. CO2 safety devices are becoming an actual requirement almost everywhere. By utilizing key feedback not only from local jurisdictions but from brewers and industry experts, CO2Meter's position in the industry continues to be prevalent in providing low-cost, accurate devices that are designed to meet all state codes and protect brewers in their establishments.

What's to come for 2021 Craft Brewers Conference?

With the future of the craft beer community constantly changing and having to adapt to the world as we know it today, we are looking forward to new opportunities and optimism this 2021 year.

CO2Meter will continue its "tradition" of exhibiting and educating brewing professionals at this year's Craft Brewer's Conference in Denver, CO -  September 9-12th. This expo and conference provides a truly unique experience for brewers while further educating them on the topic of CO2 safety to ensure protection from the hazards the inert gas can cause. "While we were sad to have missed the opportunities to exhibit and educate brewers in both San Antonio and San Diego we are excited to return to Denver to talk about and showcase CO2 safety devices" added Pringle.

Be sure to visit us in CO2Meter Booth #4304 and talk with our team about the latest in CO2 safety monitoring for your brewery or brewpub.

How to register for Craft Brewers Conference?

Be sure you don't miss out and register today for the craft brewers' largest industry event this September 2021, Click Here for More!

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