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CO2Meter Multi Gas Safety System Adds Oxygen Sensor

Multi O2 Sensor Safety System

CO2Meter expands its multi gas safety system line to include oxygen sensing solutions designed to meet safety standards for cold storage applications and more.

CO2Meter, a leading manufacturer in gas detection technologies has introduced its new multi gas safety system oxygen sensor, an important addition to CO2Meter's full line of multi gas safety systems. With the new oxygen sensor, individuals gain continuous monitoring of oxygen levels across a wide variety of applications, including cryogenic facilities, hospitals, food processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, laboratories, and cold storage facilities.

Those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the multi gas safety system oxygen sensor will be excited to see that the sensor can also exceed rigorous temperature requirements. In designing the device, we were sure to use zirconia sensing technology that ensures greater longevity and operating temperatures of -50°C across a multitude of environments. The sensor will also provide customers with the ability to ensure a safe workspace all while monitoring facilities for inert gases, including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, and argon.

While monitoring oxygen levels at low temperatures is an important addition to the multi gas safety system, it is not the only feature. The sensor will also include ease of integration and expand industry use by allowing up to 12 easily addressable sensors on one main central display. In addition, this sensor is virtually maintenance-free with its unique oxygen capabilities, delivering a competitive 10-year life expectancy.

The last few years have really allowed us to identify an opportunity to expand our product line which provides a solution for almost every customer and application that requests gas safety monitoring. Multiple sensor points, variable alarm settings, field upgradability, and much more have all been built into this one system. We are excited to see the multi gas safety system gain continued recognition and further cement CO2Meter as a true leader in the gas safety space." states CO2Meter Executive Vice President, Josh Pringle.

Why Wall Mount Oxygen Sensors are Important

Fatalities due to oxygen deficiency is a concern in process industries, refining, manufacturing, and medical industries. Cryogenic liquids also have huge expansion ratios so a large gas cloud from a small amount of cryogenic liquid is common. For example, Liquid nitrogen will expand 696 times as it vaporizes. Further, why gas safety is so important and why a gas safety system is critical to mitigate hazard and ensure personnel safety.

"When it comes to the design of this device, customer input was also extremely influential. By listening to our customers' wants and needs and delivering upon it, this has further positioned CO2Meter as a true "industry leader". Whether it be in gas distribution, beverage, hospitality, laboratories, or industrial settings, CO2Meter is viewed as providing true customer support, reliable technologies, and true customer responsiveness. With the addition of oxygen sensing capabilities to our safety system line I know we will continue to innovate." states, CO2Meter, CEO, Travis Lenander.

The zirconia oxide sensor in the gas safety system line also offers additional benefits beyond its cold operating temperature capabilities. The sensor is an accurate, long-life solution that ensures no false alarms and no cross-sensitivity to other gases. This means a single alarm can be used when working with storage cylinders of nitrogen, argon, ammonia, chlorine, propane, nitrous oxide, helium, argon, and many other gases. We know that oxygen deficiency in enclosed areas is a “silent killer” and by providing low oxygen technologies such as the addition of the gas safety system oxygen sensor we can contribute to this market and protect lives.

This sensor is part of CO2Meter's continual focus on their mission to educate customers about gas detection safety while providing cutting-edge sensing solutions for industries worldwide. It is due to their industry expertise and continued focus on protecting workers that they are cemented as a true "go-to-source" for those individuals who work in challenging conditions and deal with invisible, yet hazardous gases.

O2 Multi Sensor System

"Working with our customers' overall needs and requirements has been key to our success. Whether the application be cryo-storage, pharmaceutical, food preservation, or gas distribution, CO2Meter continues to expand our solutions for partners and customers across the globe. With our multi gas safety system we know we can continue to make a difference in the industry with reputable technologies and continued innovation towards the future.", states VP of Marketing, Morgan Morris.

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"And, when there are literally hundreds of situations where workers, and even the public, can be exposed to Oxygen deficient conditions. Some of these are potentially fatal. Beyond the obvious permit required or regular confined space applications, working every day in areas with hazards can produce dangerously low levels of Oxygen. The team at CO2Meter is proud to be able to provide trusted fixed gas safety systems that not only protect individuals but also ensure code compliance by meeting OSHA's confined space requirements.", notes Lenander.

In addition to oxygen and CO2 sensors, we have plans to add additional gas sensing capabilities soon.

For more information on the Multi Gas Safety System or for assistance in selecting the proper gas detection safety solution, please email us directly at Sales@CO2Meter.com.

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