High Speed Sensor Measures End Tidal CO2 for Real Time Capnography

Capnography is the monitoring of carbon dioxide in the respiratory gases. It is increasingly being used by emergency medical personnel and hospitals as a tool to judge the condition of patients. For example, by measuring the end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2, the level of carbon dioxide released at the end of expiration) through a sealed mask, EMS technicians can receive an "early warning" of a patients worsening condition.

With accurate and instantaneous CO2 measurements required for Capnography, the COZIR high-speed wide range CO2 sensor seemed like the perfect solution to the problem. However, we wondered if the claimed high-speed of the sensor would be measurable in a real-world application? Therefore, we created an in-house test designed to show the true speed of the sensor.

The results were that the COZIR sensor is capable of measuring end-tidal CO2 levels in sub-second real-time. In fact, the sensor was so fast that it was capable of recording the CO2 levels of normal outdoor air as it was being inhaled into the lungs.

To read our entire test report with graphs, click here.

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