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  • Sensor Tube Cap Adapter for 20mm Sensors

    Sensor Tube Cap Adapter for 20mm Sensors
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    The CO2Meter Tube Cap Adapter accessory easily converts a wide range of gas sensors from diffusion applications to sampling. 

    Please resort to "How to Install" Tube Cap Video under, "Documents" Tab for further instruction, all Tube Cap Adapters are customer SELF-installation only. 

    Sensor modules that easily integrate with the Sensor Tube Cap include:

  • OX-0052 UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Sensor
  • AP-0001 Alphasense 25% Oxygen Smart EC Sensor
  • AP-0005 Alphasense 5,000ppm CO Smart EC Sensor
  • GC-0024 ExplorIR-M 5% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0026 ExplorIR-M 20% CO2 Sensor
  • GC- 0025 ExplorIR-M 100% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0015 ExplorIR-W 5% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0006 ExplorIR-W 20% CO2 Sensor 
  • GC-0007 ExplorIR-W 60% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0016 ExplorIR-W 100% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0017 SprintIR-W 20% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0018 SprintIR-W 100% CO2 Sensor
  • TX-1 Oxygen Sensor Transmitter
  • CU-1000 Infrared Methane CH4 Sensor

    • TC-1 - 3mm side mounted ports
    • TC-2 - 3mm top mounted ports
    • TC-3 - 4.5mm top mounted ports



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    "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

    - Phillip Farrar
    Water Plant Superintendent

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