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CO2Meter Resources

CO2Meter has designed, created, and published a variety of educational and training resources surrounding customer industries, applications, and FAQ's to better educate and serve our community.

Take a look at some of our top educational resources below:
  • eBooks - an interactive publication series ranging from vital industry topics and common inquiries such as "how to select the proper CO2 detector".
  • Case Studies - our portfolio of technical and in-depth detailed case studies examining a particular partner and their experience with CO2 gas detection or sensing technologies.
  • Whitepapers - our most recent authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue or philosophy in the field. 
  • Trainings and much more! 

Looking for more CO2 educational resources? Not to worry. Simply reach out to one of our sales experts and we would be happy to discuss additional support or training particular for your industry, application, or requirements. 

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For specific application notes regarding CO2Meter sensor technologies, see below:

AN172 - Permanently Connect RAD Storage Safety Monitors to 24VDC

AN171 - K33 ICB 10% vs. 30% Sensor Accuracy Comparison
AN170 - Power options for the LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit
AN168 - Connecting SenseAir S8 CO2 Sensor to Raspberry Pi via UART. Sample Code (ZIP).
AN167 - Connecting SenseAir S8 CO2 Sensor to TI CC3200 WIFI via UART
AN162 - Connecting SenseAir LP8 CO2 Sensor to Arduino via UART
AN161 - Connecting T6713 CO2 Sensor to Arduino via I2C. Sample Code (ZIP).
AN157 - Connecting T6613 CO2 Sensor to Arduino via UART. Sample Code (ZIP).
AN153 - Troubleshooting GasLab® Driver Installation
AN150 - UV Flux Oxygen Sensor 0.0% Calibration
AN149 - Senseair CO2 Sensor Pressure Dependence
AN148 - RAD-0102 and other Wall-Mounted Meters 10A Relay Circuit
AN147 - Serial vs. Analog Output in COZIR and SprintIR Sensors
AN146 - RAD-0401 CO2+RH/T Serial Communication Protocol
AN145 - Sensor Development Kit Quick Start Guide
AN141 - Labview Examples for SenseAir K30 and COZIR CO2 Sensors (ZIP)
AN138 - EZ-Install Instructions for eSense CO2 Meter for OSHA, LEED
AN137 - Interfacing Raspberry Pi to SenseAir K30 Sensor via UART. Sample Code (ZIP) 
AN136 - eSense FAI/LEED/OSHA Calibration Procedure
AN134 - Reassign or Change COM Ports on a PC Instructions
AN132 - TR250Z Oxygen Sensor Speed Test
AN131 - CO2 Sensor Calibration: What You Need to Know
AN130 - How CO2 Gas Flow Affects Measurements
AN129 - COZIR High Speed Sensor Speed Test for Capnography
AN128 - Interfacing Arduino to COZIR Sensor via UART. Sample Code (ZIP) 
AN127 - Interfacing Raspberry Pi to COZIR Sensor via UART. Sample Code (ZIP) 
AN126 - Interfacing Arduino to SenseAir K30 Sensor via UART. Sample Code (ZIP)
AN124 - Hydrophobic Filters Used on Diffusion Data Loggers
AN121 - Accuracy and Repeatability Defined
AN112 - Example Reading K30 Devkit or 1% Probe Output to Web using PHP
AN102 - Interfacing Arduino to K30 Sensor via I2C I2C Sample Code (ZIP)

Product Documents

Sensor Comparison Chart

Past Newsletters

Past Newsletter Archive

General Information about CO2

Wikipedia: Carbon Dioxide

CO2 Quick Fact Sheet (PDF)

Military Study of Physiological Effects of Increased CO2 on the Body

Is CO2 an Indoor Pollutant? Direct Effects of Low-to-Moderate CO2 Concentrations on Human Decision-Making Performance

Environmental Protection Agency CO2 Resources

HVAC IAQ Resources

Diagnosing Indoor Air Quality Issues for Building Managers (PDF)

Using CO2 to Improve Air Quality and Save Money (PDF)

EPA suggests CO2 to monitor Indoor Air Pollution (PDF)

ASHRAE suggests CO2 Monitors for Indoor Air Monitoring

ASHRAE Ventilation Standards & Guidelines 62.1, 62.2, 90.1, 90.2, 189.1

FEMP Whitepaper - Using CO2 for Demand Controlled Ventilation (PDF)

What You Should Know About Sick Building Syndrome

CO2 in the Classroom


CO2 in Schools: EPA Indoor Air Quality Action Kit for the Classroom

Connecticut Dept. of Public Health School IAQ Initiative

Parent's Indoor Air Quality Guide to Healthy Schools

Texas IAQ Program for Schools and Government Buildings

Classroom Air Pollution in our Schools

Pennsylvania State School Guidelines for Classroom Air Quality (PDF)

Palm Beach FL Classroom IAQ Website (Award Winning)

Food Production, Transport and Storage

Slide Presentation - Post Harvest Spoilage of Grains

Algae & Biofuel

Collective Biodiesel Conference Past Presentations Archive

Technical Information

Sensor Terminology (Resolution, Accuracy, etc.) Defined

Worldwide Indoor Air Quality Initiatives

NIOSH RTEGS – International Safety and Health CO2 Standards (PDF)

CO2 Impact on Indoor Air Quality (Europe)