T6613 2,000ppm CO2 Sensor

T6613 2,000ppm CO2 Sensor
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The T6613 CO2 sensor module is one of the most successful OEM CO2 sensors ever made, with millions in use worldwide. It is most commonly found in commercial and residential wall-mounted CO2 transmitters for demand-controlled ventilation (DCV).

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  • Affordable gas sensing solution for OEMs
  • Reliable sensor based on years of engineering and manufacturing expertise
  • Flexible platform designed to interact with other microprocessor devices
  • Eliminates the need for calibration when ABC Logic is used
  • Altitude compensation can be added if altitude is known

The T6613 is a single wavelength NDIR sensor. It continuously monitors the environment and records the lowest values, then uses automatic background calibration (ABC) logic to offset the sensor’s stored calibration. This means the sensor is best used in applications where the environment periodically drops to ambient (~400ppm) CO2 levels.

Both diffused air (AMP-0001) and sampling (AMP-0005) variations are available.


  • Measurement Range: 0-2,000ppm CO2
  • Accuracy 400-1,250ppm: ± 30ppm or 3% of reading whichever is greater
  • Accuracy 1,250-2,000ppm: 5% of reading + 30ppm
  • Calibration Interval: Not Required
  • Response Time: < 2 minutes for 90% step change
  • Signal Update: Every 4 seconds
  • Warm Up Time: < 2 minutes to operation
  • Warm Up Time: 10 minutes to max accuracy
  • Digital Output: UART
  • Analog Output: 0-4 VDC


  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 1.365 x 0.60 in (57.15 x 34.67 x 15.14 mm)
  • Power Input: 5 VDC regulated (± 5%)
  • Current Consumption: 0.90 watts peak, 0.165 watts average


  • 12 months
The T6613-F version of the sensor includes inlet and outlet tube ports for gas sampling applications.

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