Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor

Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor
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This electrochemical oxygen sensor by AlphaSense is designed for low-oxygen safety applications. It is is a plug-in replacement part for the oxygen sensor used in the RAD-0200 Remote CO2+Oxygen Storage Safety Dual Alarm. See the sensor replacement video.

This oxygen sensor does not require power. Instead, it is like a "battery" that generates micro-amperes proportional to the ambient oxygen level. It uses capillary flow control to provide good pressure and temperature dependence.

For measuring precise oxygen levels, we recommend the UV-Flux 25% Oxygen Sensor, the UV-Flux 25% Oxygen Sensor PCB Module, or the TR250Z Oxygen Sensor, which can measure up to 95% oxygen.


  • 0 to 25% Oxygen Sensor
  • Does Not Require Calibration
  • Greater than 2 Year Lifespan
  • Small and compact
  • Maintenance free


  • Measuring Gas: Oxygen
  • Sensing Method: Electrochemical
  • Measurement Range: 0.1 to 25% O2
  • Life Time: > 2 years until 85% original output of 20.9% O2
  • Output Drift: < 1% changine in output @ 3 months
  • Response (t90): < 15 sec.
  • Temperature range: -30-55°C
  • Pressure range: 80-120 kPa
  • Humidity range: 5-95 %RH


  • Output @ 20.9% O2: 80-120 uA
  • Zero current @ 0% O2: < 2.5 uA
  • Load resistor (Ohm) recommended: 47 to 100


  • 90 Days

CO2 Meter Oxygen Sensor Datasheet Data Sheet (pdf)