Sensors Expo Recap

CO2Meter San Jose Sensors Expo Show Floor

The Sensors Expo & Conference is a leading industry event dedicated to sensors, connectivity and IOT technologies - all in the heart Silicon Valley - San Jose, CA. CO2Meter was fortunate to exhibit this year in collaboration with sensor solution partners GasLab, SST Sensing, and Gas Sensing Solutions.

The Sensors Expo has always been considered North Americas premier sensor and IoT conference and this year the event held over 7,000 attendees and more than 350 exhibitors! 

The 2019 expo highlighted the continuing trends centered around new and emerging IoT technologies, all things sensors, and Smart Home gadgets.

Give me the sensors!

Because of our focus on gas sensors, monitoring and safety devices - we quickly headed over to the New Product Showcase area and joineed the staring attendees looking for the "next best thing".

As we continued our search down the trade show floor we realized that the real popularity was indeed still in electronics including the noticeable rise in products designed for the automotive industry.

The added bonus, was the fact that CO2Meter was proudly displaying their newest Multi Gas Detector and CO Handheld Gas Detector, which cater  the ability to measure carbon monoxide concentrations for various industries such as automotive. Attendees interested in automotive applications gravitated to the booth to get a peak at the technology that measure simultaneously and with multiple gases through sampling methods. The CM-1000 was a clear product hit at the expo.


Among other "sensing stars" at the Sensors Expo, included the AlphaSense O2-A2 Oxygen Sensor, TecPen Handheld Oxygen Sensor, Explor-IR 100% CO2 Sensor and UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Flow Through Sensor

As to the amount of inquiries in regards to overall gas concentrations, Carbon Dioxide continued to be the most often requested gas and many companies were looking to monitor storage or ensure data logging capabilities for analysis in their research and experimentation. 

Of note was this incredible influx of requests for options and tools for analytic purposes, a topic some companies do not understand and some can't live without. The added benefit for attendees was that CO2Meter and its partners were able to perform live sensor and device demonstrations including the new Gasbox which allows for multi manufacturer connections to a single measurement and data source. Available to purchase in the fall 2019 the GasBox will change the method of sensor integration as we know it. This device will also include free GasLab(R) software and capabilities for a variety of use cases. 

Our own "Sensor Guru" 

In addition, our very own Lead Technical Engineer, Ray Hicks (we call him the Sensor Guru) exhibited at the expo and was able to provide his key take-a-way's and overall consumer insight. 

"Day one at the Sensors Expo offered real excitement for both exhibitors and attendees. I saw no surprises as I witnessed many of the exhibitors from Europe especially Germany. My only questions was "why aren't these people at Sensor & Test?"

"In the ever evolving sensor industry, it is typical for both international and local attendees and exhibitors to be present, which also highlights the indication of the Nuremberg show. Overall it was evident that the show was twice as large as the past show, a lot more traffic from exhibitors and an abundance of sensor technologies in many different forms".

Right from start of opening the show floor, several new IoT (Internet of things) companies emerged offering into the cloud data logging and remote communications, often at a large price. The majority of attendees gathered near embedded technologies and were keen to searching for the newest gas sensors for research and OEM integrations.

One application area that seemed still on the rise, was indoor air quality (IAQ) among many attendees and the desire for consumer grade sensors for reliable and accurate indoor ambient measurements. 

In the end, the CO2Meter booth was filled with many researchers, eyeing the new sensor modules, no matter the gas or application that was pinpointed, as long as it was able to interpret the results, was cost effective, and accurate - it was a continued success.

What to expect in 2020?

At first, it was hard to predict what the Sensors Expo 2020 would entail.

More attendees? Futuristic technologies? Advanced smart sensing? 

We decided that the future sensing technologies would always be advancing and expanding with overall capabilities, features, and improvements. No matter what. We could come up with the potential impressions, but regardless it was known that our presence would be felt at the Sensors Expo 2020 - with our own advancements in pocket.

Not everything can be discovered yet, and with the feedback from a variety of researchers and attendees, CO2Meter will continue to be on the forefront in providing futuristic, best-in-class sensing and useful technologies for customers worldwide.

We can't wait for Sensors Expo in San Jose, 2020!  

Until Next Time. 

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