NEW Wireless and Cloud Connected CO2 Sensor for Growers

GrowFlux CO2 Monitor

CO2Meter is excited to partner with GrowFlux to create an innovative partnership for indoor growers.  The partnership combines CO2Meter's leadership position in CO2 measurement with GrowFlux's technological innovations in designing growth monitoring devices.  The partnership will create a unique opportunity in the indoor agriculture space to promote the long term economic and environmental viability of controlled environment for growers.

CO2Meter, has long been recognized as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of devices specifically designed for agriculture applications. With the GrowFlux partnership to collaboration, we will be releasing a new and improved "wireless and cloud connected" CO2 sensor for indoor grow environments.

"Our business development team had the opportunity to meet with and discuss a collaboration with the GrowFlux team at the 2018 MJBIZ Conference in Las Vegas. We were quickly able to identify the opportunity for a collaboration, work on design and device specifications, and create a business partnership that allows the two organizations to offer a superior product in the marketplace," offered CO2Meter CEO Travis Lenander. He added, "We were drawn to partner with GrowFlux because of their mission on advancing energy efficiency while building advanced cultivation technologies for the future."

As many individuals know, Carbon Dioxide enrichment in any grow environment can reap huge benefits because of the gases ability to help maximize crop yields without any ill effects on the plant or end user.

GrowFluxWireless Greenhouse CO2 Sensor and API Interface for Growers in Greenhouse and Cannabis CultivationWith the GrowFlux Wireless and Cloud Connected CO2 Sensor, growers will now be able to access data on the go with the "GrowFlux APP", monitoring their crops at their fingertips, while optimizing CO2 enrichment which can boost yields by 30+%! What makes the Grow Flux CO2 Sensor so unique is the sensors overall design which provides growers with the perfect amount of CO2 with up to 500 feet of range, while also saving 10% on cooling energy consumption.

Additional GrowFlux CO2 Sensor Features include:

  • Measures CO2 range from 0-10,000 ppm
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F
  • Easy Fresh-Air Calibration
  • Open access to data through API 
  • Easy to install and use
  • 1+ year battery life
  • IP55 splash resistant and wire free design 
  • Max Coverage Area: 1,500 sq. ft. with proper air handling
  • Utilized in indoor controlled environments for grow rooms, greenhouses, and cultivation facilities.

With the proven success of CO2Meter's recognized grow controller, the RAD-0501 Day/Night CO2 Monitor and Grow Controller, we believe the GrowFlux CO2 Sensor will easily become a valued product for our agriculture customers.

We look forward to launching the new technology at the upcoming largest cannabis exposition, MJBIZCON19 and allowing customers to see the device in action.

CO2Meter's current agriculture product showcase remains a leading source in the industry with more than 50,000 devices in market, worldwide. 

For more information on indoor agriculture and your application, visit us: Here

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