CO2Meter offers NEW Indoor Air Quality CO2, Temp, and RH Monitor

CO2 LEED Monitor for Homes Offices and Classrooms

CO2, Temp, and RH Monitor for Homes, Classrooms, and Offices: Worldwide

CO2Meter is often recognized as the "leading source" in gas detection, monitoring, and analytical devices. With a continual focus on indoor air quality solutions, the Ormond Beach, FL  based company is proud to release its latest device with a sleek, modern, maintenance-free, wall-mounted design.

The CO2, Temp, and RH Indoor Air Quality Monitor that was recently released was designed to provide customers with a new, modern-day device that can provide a clear, digital readout while ensuring optimal indoor air quality in homes, offices, schools, and businesses.

The highly anticipated release of the CM-225 comes as no surprise to CO2Meter's indoor air quality collection which holds some of the most sought after gas detection devices in the world used to measure carbon dioxide and improve indoor living environments worldwide. CO2Meter's CEO, Travis Lenander, adds, "The CM-225 CO2, Temp, and RH Indoor Air Quality Monitor is truly one of a kind in terms of design across a heavily competitive marketplace and it provides us a true competitive edge in functionality, design, and ease of use."

In designing the CM-225, the CO2Meter team partnered with an exclusive supplier who is known in the space for creating unique, gas detection systems and HVAC solutions. Aside from just a fixed monitor that can accurately detect CO2, temperature, and relative humidity the device also meets LEED standards for new construction. For CO2Meter customers that are looking to fulfill the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED certification specifically, the CM-225 meets this standard in ensuring proper airflow to an indoor space by signaling traffic light indication dependent upon the levels to show when fresh air is needed. 

These components are just a part of what makes the CM-225 an ideal accent to any indoor living or work space. Additionally, the device gives an even greater indication regarding occupancy limits for those in office buildings, classrooms, and commercial spaces. By providing a clearer baseline for indoor air quality, controlling CO2 levels, and reducing the wear on HVAC systems, individuals and businesses can not only improve energy efficiency but also gain tax breaks and further incentives.

“Our team is well versed in the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry as a leader in gas detection monitoring. With the CM-225 recent release, we are now able to bring this unique, contemporary device to market that helps better service our customers while improving their overall health and well-being." states CO2Meter Executive Vice President, Josh Pringle.


CM-225 Indoor Air Quality CO2, Temp and RH Monitor

CO2, Temp, and %RH Indoor Air Quality Monitor

As numerous studies continue to provide evidence on poor indoor air quality being linked to a further spread of airborne illnesses, today more than ever before, understanding indoor air quality is critical. While most indoor buildings are comprised of approximately 800 ppm of CO2 (0.08%), a lack of fresh air can inhibit the right balance of fresh air creating an unhealthy working/living space or unbalanced working conditions. By utilizing an indoor air quality monitor like the CM-225 individuals and businesses can gain peace of mind and are able to control the direct effects of poor indoor air.

At CO2Meter, one of our greatest strengths is the ability to develop quality devices that not only solve a customers needs but provide a tool towards educating consumers about gas safety, analysis, or air quality. With the release of the CM-225 we are offering another device to provide a solution to the HVAC/IAQ market and ensure optimal indoor living conditions.

Just take our relationship and partnership with associations such as the USGBC, ASHRAE, and OSHA who have developed and advocate for the 800ppm indoor air quality CO2 limit in order to provide individuals with a more productive, healthier, and focused mind. The CM-225 is the perfect solution to better understand the air we breathe, why it is ventilated, and just how it effects our own well-being. 

“At CO2Meter, we are proud of the relationships we have developed across dozens of markets and thousands of applications. Indoor air quality has always been a primary focus for our team and today, with the launch of the CM-225, CO2Meter will continue to demonstrate our clear commitment, not only to the industry, but also to our partners and customers worldwide.", stated Lenander.

As we recognize a need for reassurance for workers as they return to the office post COVID, it allows us to further see the real necessity of an IAQ solution in order to mitigate the spread of airborne illnesses and bring peace of mind to our customers; making us even more proud of the CM-225 and its abilities for this industry.

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Additional CM-225 Features Include:
  • Clear Digital Readout
  • Bold 3 Color Code Indication
  • Offers 4 pre-set programs dependent on desired parameters
  • Built in MANS Rate Volt-free Contact
  • ABC Enabled Calibration
  • 100-240V AC Power Supply
  • Back plate can be pre-wired
  • Mounting ability to standard single gang junction box or conduit box
  • Easily interfaced with ventilation and window control systems

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