CO2Meter Holiday Gift Guide

Top Tech Gifts 2020

If you’re like most of us, the challenge to find the perfect gift around the holidays can end up being, well, somewhat of a challenge.

Especially if the person you are searching for seems to just about have it all.

We know it also can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and innovations of 2020. Whether you’re searching for your child, colleague, or even your tech savvy fitness coach – we have compiled a list of our Top Tech Gifts sure to create that “wow” factor!

Our list features some of the trendiest, most cost-effective, and compact devices; one even labeled the perfect "stocking stuffer". 

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

One of the top trends of 2020 has undoubtedly become air quality devices and ensuring that optimum levels are maintained in enclosed and sealed living spaces. Furthermore, creating an overall “eco-friendly” and a “healthier” space to breathe.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors provide the answer to the “fresh air” problem of many modern enclosed buildings and add the perfect tech touch to any space.

Our first top tech gift is the IAQMini CO2 Monitor.

The IAQMini is one of the greatest tech gifts you can give just about any individual due to its unique features and overall sleek, modern, LCD screen and appearance.

The IAQMini is designed to monitor CO2 levels in homes, offices and classrooms; and is the ideal gadget for all ages. The device is easy to use right out of the box and features a large LCD display which allows for clear identification of recommended CO2 levels.

My favorite feature? The IAQMini has "frown and smile" facial indicators to indicate the levels in the air making the device a constant conversation starter and learning tool for children!

Looking for an IAQ tech gadget with slightly more capabilities?

This leads us to our second top tech gift – the IAQMAX CO2 Monitor and Data Logger

The IAQ MAX is one of the most popular devices for any tech enthusiast who wants to get the most from their Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

This device is designed to monitor atmospheric CO2 levels in real-time while logging the data onboard for later analysis and review.

My favorite feature? The IAQ-MAX futuristic design is hard to ignore. This device is sleek, modern, and a go-to for measuring device which compliments many other tech home gadgets!

Personal 5% CO2 Monitor

The SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Monitor and Data Logger is the third top tech gadget on our Christmas list this year! 

The SAN-10 provides exceptional personal safety for those on your list that work in or around CO2 such as in restaurants, breweries, beverage dispensing, gas storage and distribution, welding, and indoor agriculture.

The SAN-10 is probably our most sought after gifts, with its durable design, audible/visual alarms, and fast acting sensor making it ideal to keep your friends and family safe.

Add in the unique "man down" alarm, which utilizes an accelerometer to determine if the user has fallen, and the SAN-10 becomes the ideal personal protection around CO2.

My favorite feature? The SAN-10 utilizes a unique charge circuit that allows it to be charged through the USB or cigarette lighter in your car. And it's compact design makes it a perfect stocking stuffer too!

Sensor Technology Development Kits

What about those super tech savy individuals on your list who are ready to start their own projects and experiments on Christmas Day?

The fifth and final top tech gadget of 2020 is the K30 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor - the perfect gift for kids of any age to integrate into any product or project.

Additionally, with the K30 Development Kit your children’s projects will come to life with technical detail monitoring hyper accurate CO2 levels in real-time.

This unique sensor technology is a great addition to any Christmas list, as it also can be customized to meet any OEM requirements.

My favorite feature? Ordering the K30 Development Kit means that your recipient is up and running in seconds using the USB cable to provide power and stream data instantly. How many tech gifts will you receive that don't require you to read the manual?

Technology truly has advanced this past year, and we don’t know what we would do without it.

Do you still need more tech gift inspiration this holiday?

Speak to an expert today who can guide you to the perfect device for the industrial, scientific, or tech enthusiast in your life.

For more information on specific applications, visit our product showcase here.

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