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CO2Meter Staff Celebrates Hat Day

Posted by Josh Pringle on

As our team grows we add new talents to CO2Meter to help create better products and service our customers better in the future.

It sounds like a cliché, but we really are growing to serve our new and existing customers better. However, as you are all aware, with growth and the addition of new employees there are always changes to our company culture.

One way to keep our close knit family from becoming too fragmented is to create team events that allow us to grow together and keep our ties with one another.

Thanksgiving, 2013 saw the first of these events with our in-house turkey dinner and video. This spring, we celebrated our first annual Hat Day.

From fedoras and baseball hats, to straw and beach hats, and even a Batman sighting, Hat Day was an opportunity for all of us to share a little about ourselves and our personalities with our coworkers to build a better bond for the future.

We even got to smile and laugh as each person had a chance to explain the hat they picked.

July 2014 will see our annual pot luck picnic where each of us will bring a wonderful dish to feed our ravenous crew. We seem to have some real foodies in our midst so we are looking forward to the delectable dishes from our team.

If you own (or work in) a business, we'd like your feedback. What team building events do you participate in? What ones should we avoid?

We are always looking to grow our team in the right way and would love your help in making that happen.

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