CO2 & Oxygen Monitor Used to Create Nutritional Supplement

co2 and oxygen level meter

Premier Research Labs in Austin, TX is using’s iSense CO2 & O2 Monitor to help it create a new nutritional supplement CoQ-Quinol.

CoQ-Quinol is produced through a proprietary probiotic fermentation and nanization process. PR Labs uses the iSense to monitor both oxygen and carbon dioxide levels during the fermentation process used to create the new supplement.

Multiple trials were required to confirm the correct gas levels to maximize fermentation in the reactor vessels. As a result of the lab’s research, the process for creating the new supplement is now in the patent application process.

The nutritional supplement is a form of Coenzyme Q10, a naturally occurring substance found inside all human body cells. CoQ10 is used by cells for growth and maintenance, and has antioxidant properties that protect the body from harmful molecules. It is currently being studied for its potential to benefit persons with heart-related illnesses, cancer, migraines, and many other conditions.

The product is currently available on the Premier Research Labs website.

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