Greenhouse, Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics


The secret to faster growing plants

Greenhouse, indoor gardener and hydroponic growers know the benefit of increased carbon dioxide levels for plant growth. Carbon dioxide is just as important to growing plants as light and water for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that feeds plant growth.

Even if a plant has the proper amount of light, water and nutrients, the limiting factor in the process of photosynthesis will be the amount of Carbon dioxide available.

Fortunately for greenhouse growers and indoor gardeners, hundreds of scientific experiments have been conducted to determine optimal CO2 levels. Studies show:

  • Greenhouse-grown vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce show earlier maturity, larger fruit size, greater numbers of fruit, a reduction in cropping time, and yield increases averaging 20 to 50 percent.
  • Greenhouse-grown flowers such as roses and carnations grow more quickly, have longer stems, and larger, more colorful flowers. Yield increases averaged 12 percent.
  • Flowers and ornamental plants propagated by cuttings, such as geraniums, show faster growth, more extensive rooting, and greater plant heights.
    (US Dept. of Agriculture)

indoor growner greenhouse controller

While there are many methods to increase CO2 levels, only a real-time CO2 monitor guarantees that your plants are actually getting the right amount of CO2. For example, our Day Night CO2 Monitor & Controller for Greenhouses combines accurate

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity

monitors in a single unit at an affordable price. It is an invaluable tool for the serious indoor gardener or professional grower.

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