Hydrophobic Vent Filter Kit

Hydrophobic Vent Filter Kit
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Hydrophobic filters cover the inside vents of all our portable ambient air CO2 meters to allow air flow in while keeping out water droplets, dirt, dust or mold spores that can effect the sensors. This makes our data logger suitable for extreme environment applications like: 

  • Incubation
  • Mushroom Growers
  • Fruit and Vegetable Transportation

Easy to install, each kit contains a set of filters for 1 unit. Read this Application Note on the details and benefits of these filters.

CM-0172 Filter Kit used with

  • CM-0016 - 1% CO2, Temp & %RH Data Logger with Display Alarm
  • CM-0017 - 30% CO2, Temp & %RH Data Logger with Display Alarm
  • CM-0018 - 1% CO2, Temp & %RH Data Logger
  • CM-0019 - 30% CO2, Temp & %RH Data Logger

CM-0172 contains six (6) total filters - three (3) for the enclosure and three (3) for the lid.


CM-0173 filter kit used with

  • CM-0039 - K30 (1%) USB CO2 Probe Data Logger
  • CM-0040 - K33 (30%) USB CO2 Probe Data Logger
  • CM-0042 - iSense CO2 Level Controller - IAQ
  • CM-0043 - iSense CO2 Level Controller - Greenhouse
  • CM-0044 - iSense CO2 Level Controller - OSHA
  • CM-0045 - iSense CO2 Level Controller - High Concentration

CM-0173 contains three (3) total filters - all used in the enclosure.

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