USB CO2 Probe Data Logger 1-30-100%

USB CO2 Probe Data Logger 1-30-100%
USB CO2 Probe Data Logger 1-30-100%
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  • CM-0039

  • CM-0040

  • CM-0041

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CM-0039 1% Sensor
CM-0040 30% Sensor
CM-0041 100% Sensor

The Probe is designed for students, teachers or indoor greenhouse growers who need a rugged and easy-to-use tethered 0-10,000 ppm (1%), 0-300,000 ppm (30%) or 100% CO2 level meter and data logger. It connects to your PC with a USB cable that both powers the Probe and communicates with our free GasLab® software.

The Probe is perfect for:

  • Students – Science projects
  • Instructors – Teaching aid
  • Researchers – Experimentation
  • Growers – Greenhouse monitoring

Probe Features

  • Ruggedized enclosure withstands heavy use
  • Integrated USB power cable with heavy strain-relief fitting for long life
  • Small size – will fit in a 2.5in opening.
  • No moving parts
  • Sensor life expectancy – 15 years
  • May be field calibrated to 400 PPM (outdoor air) or 0 PPM (Nitrogen)

Free Easy-to-use GasLab® Software

This device uses GasLab® software for setup, calibration, data logging, and real-time data analysis. GasLab® makes it easy to export data into a .CSV file that can be imported into any industry-standard software or spreadsheet. GasLab® runs on Windows XP or higher, and free to use with our products.

Download Latest Software Here


Hydrophobic Vent Filter Kit - For high-humidity environments, these hydrophobic filters cover the inside vents to allow air flow but keeps out humidity that affects the sensor. Use in caves, mines or anywhere humidity is very high (> 95%). Easy to install, each kit contains a set of filters for 1 unit.

Extension USB Cables - Place the Probe up to 30 meters away from your PC.

Sensor Documentation

Electrical / Mechanical

  • Includes 6’ (1.8m) USB cable
  • Current Consumption: 5.5 VDC, 40 mA average
  • Size: 3.1×2.4×1.3in (80×60×30mm) (1%, 30% only)
  • COZIR 100% Probe includes 5 VDC power supply


  • 1 year

Datasheet Data Sheet (pdf)

Dimensional Drawings (pdf)