tSense Touch Screen CO2 + RH/T Transmitter

tSense Touch Screen CO2 + RH/T Transmitter
tSense Touch Screen CO2 + RH/T Transmitter
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  • SE-0034

  • SE-0035

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  • CO2, Temperature, % Relative Humidity
  • Easy Configuration via LCD Touch Screen
  • All Industry-Standard Outputs

The tSense CO2 + RH/T is an attractive, wall-mounted carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and relative humidity transmitter. It is available with or without an LCD color touch screen display.

With a display, the tSense can show you the CO2, temperature or %RH levels in real-time. With a touch you can program the tSense display model to change color when the CO2, temperature or %RH levels get too high, or you can view graphs of CO2, temperature or %RH for the previous day or week. All settings can be controlled with a secret pin number you enter during setup.

With or without a display, both tSense models feature several industry-standard output options including 0-10VDC for each of the 3 parameters, NO and NC relays, and Modbus protocol. All options can be configured with the free UIP software.


  • NDIR CO2 + Temperature & Humidity
  • 0-2,000 ppm CO2, 0-50°C, ±5% RH
  • Accuracy (CO2): ±30ppm ±3% of reading
  • Dimensions: 125mm x 85mm x 22mm
  • Dimensions (display): 49mm x 37mm
  • Life expectancy: >15 years
  • Operation temperature:  0 - 50°C
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • ABC (Automatic Background Calibration) is enabled but can be used programmed/disabled


  • OUT1 CO2 0-10VDC, 0-2000ppm
  • OUT2 Temperature 0-10VDC, 0-50°C
  • OUT3 Relative Humidity 0-10VDC, 0-100%RH
  • Modbus over RS485
  • Programmable Relay

Electrical Requirements

  • 12VDC / 24 VAC/VDC


  • 5 Years

Data Sheet (pdf)

Manual (pdf)

Installation Procedure (pdf)

Modbus Protocol (pdf)

BACnet Protocol (pdf)