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  • Sensor Tube Cap Adapter for MX Board

    Sensor Tube Cap Adapter for MX Board
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    The CO2Meter Tube Cap Adapter accessory easily converts a wide range of gas sensors from diffusion applications to sampling.

    The Sensor Tube Cap Adapter for MX Board offers in-out tube caps for sensors that have barometric pressure, temperature, and %RH. 

    Please resort to "How to Install" Tube Cap Video under, "Documents" Tab for further instruction, all Tube Cap Adapters are customer SELF-installation only

    Sensor modules that easily integrate with the Sensor Tube Cap include:

  • OX-0052 UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Sensor
  • AP-0001 Alphasense 25% Oxygen Smart EC Sensor
  • AP-0005 Alphasense 5,000ppm CO Smart EC Sensor
  • GC-0024 ExplorIR-M 5% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0026 ExplorIR-M 20% CO2 Sensor
  • GC- 0025 ExplorIR-M 100% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0015 ExplorIR-W 5% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0006 ExplorIR-W 20% CO2 Sensor 
  • GC-0007 ExplorIR-W 60% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0016 ExplorIR-W 100% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0017 SprintIR-W 20% CO2 Sensor
  • GC-0018 SprintIR-W 100% CO2 Sensor
  • TX-1 Oxygen Sensor Transmitter
  • CU-1000 Infrared Methane CH4 Sensor

    • TC-4 - 3mm right side ports, with left side baro 
    • TC-5 - 3mm left side ports, with left side baro 



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    "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

    - Phillip Farrar
    Water Plant Superintendent

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