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iSense 100% CO2 + 25% O2 Monitor Logger - NEMA4

iSense 100% CO2 + 25% O2 Monitor Logger - NEMA4
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co2 and oxygen level controller

The iSense CO2 and Oxygen Combination Monitor and Data Logger is designed measure, log and control both carbon dioxide and oxygen levels drawn from a gas source. This makes it useful for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) applications, incubation, fermentation or for bench-top gas analysis. It features a built-in sampling pump, real-time LCD readout, and built-in data logging. The iSense can be easily calibrated using fresh air.

  • MAP or CAS Monitoring and gas supply control
  • Incubation and fermentation monitoring and control
  • Science Research Projects
  • Environmental Safety Monitoring

Building on our knowledge of gas sensing technology this unit combines a high-accuracy NDIR CO2 sensor with an ultra-stable Zirconia O2 sensor to provide accurate measurements of both of the detectable major atmospheric composition gases.

Built-in data logging memory can store up to 60,000 time-stamped CO2 and oxygen levels at a user-configured time interval. In addition, the iSense is designed to be calibrated using ambient (normal outdoor) air.

The iSense includes an open pig-tail connector designed for permanent installation and process monitoring control. The M12 barrel connector has co2 and oxygen level outputs over RS485, relay and power. The USB port allows data collection via the GasLab software.


Universal Power Supply and Communication Kit (CM-0182) - To power your device from a wall socket and/or to use RS485 as your desired communication output please also select CM-0182.  This additional kit includes a universal power supply (18/24 VDC) as well as an RS485 cable for communication.

Free GasLab® Software 

This device uses GasLab® software for setup, calibration, data logging, and real-time data analysis. GasLab® makes it easy to export data into a .CSV file that can be imported into any industry-standard software or spreadsheet. GasLab® runs on Windows XP or higher, and free to use with our products.

Download GasLab Software


  • Outputs: 4-20mA or RS-485 MODBUS (M12 Connector only)
  • Relay: 1A dry contact controls CO2 or as alarm signal (M12 Connector only)
  • Power Requirements: 24VDC 
  • Weather Proof Connectors
  • Built-in 10,000 hour gas micro-sampling pump

Oxygen Sensor

  • Measurement Range: 0 – 25% 
  • Sensing Method: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
  • Sampling Method: sample draw 300 ml/ min
  • Response Time: 4 seconds
  • Sensitivity: ± 20 ppm ± 1 % of measured value
  • Accuracy: 2% full scale
  • Resolution: 100ppm
  • Pressure Range: 500 mbar to 3,000 mbar

CO2 Sensor

  • Measurement Range: CM-0054:100%   CM-0053:30%
  • Sensor Type: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
  • Sampling Method: Sample draw 300 ml/min
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2% vol. CO2 ± 3% of measured value 
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: > 15 years
  • Self-Diagnostics: complete function check of the sensor module

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