Portable CO2 Monitor for Confined Space Monitoring

portable co2 monitor alarm

In response to customer feedback, CO2Meter has updated the SAN-0001 personal 5% carbon dioxide monitor and data logger. This hand-held device is designed to meet the new confined space safety regulations for employees at businesses who use bulk tank or stored carbon dioxide (CO2) indoors.

With an eye toward employee safety, the monitor logs exposure to CO2 in real time and sounds an alarm if high CO2 levels are detected. This insure compliance with updated OSHA regulations and new municipal Fire Codes that require warning alarms and building evacuations at 3% (30,000ppm) CO2 levels or above.

Using input from the brewing and indoor agriculture industries, CO2Meter was able to design a device that met the standards in a small form-factor that does not restrict employee mobility. 

“Our brewing and indoor growing partners told us they needed a personal safety monitor.  But they also said it needed to be unobtrusive in normal use. It couldn’t get in the way of work. They tell us this monitor does it,” said Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter.

Portable CO2 Monitor Specifications

  • The Personal 5% CO2 Monitor and Data Logger measures CO2 levels from 0 ppm (no CO2) to 5% CO2 (50,000 ppm) every 2 seconds. In addition, it logs the CO2 level every 30 seconds for up to 21 days. This data can be download via USB and the free software (included) to review an employee’s CO2 exposure levels over time.
  • In addition to monitoring CO2 levels, the monitor displays temperature and % relative humidity in real time. The LCD display also includes a battery charge level indicator.
  • If CO2 levels get too high, this handheld monitor can be configured to sound an alarm at the most common industry standard CO2 levels including the OSHA 5,000ppm CO2 time-weighted average personal exposure limit, 1.5% or 3.0% CO2. The monitor includes an 80 db audible alarm, flashing LEDs and vibration to notify the wearer of high CO2 levels.

“This isn’t a huge technological leap. We’ve simply packaged the newest, low-power miniature non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensors and rechargeable batteries into a portable device that’s accurate, dependable and designed to last for years. I couldn’t be prouder of our team and the work they accomplished in such a short period of time,” added Hicks.

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