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CO2 Probe Wirelessly Transmits Data from Bio-Reactor

Our friends at HY-TEK Bio were looking for a way to transmit real-time CO2 levels from the top of their bio-reactor remotely so they didn't have to run cables back to the control console.

They discovered that the Hawking Wireless USB Server works perfectly with our CM-0041 100% CO2 USB Probe.

In fact, it's literally plug and play.

The Hawking USB server connects to your router thru WiFi so you can place it anywhere within range of your wireless network. You can plug up to 3 USB Probes to each Hawking server. Setup is simple. The Hawking unit only costs about $55 each.

As you can see from the shot of GasLab®, the readings are good and steady. The power from the USB cable means there are no additional wires needed except for the Hawking wall adapter.

According to Bob Mroz, President and CEO of HY-TEK Bio, it was easy connect to the Probe.

"It's almost as though the Hawking was not in line," he said.

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