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  • Probe Enclosure Development Kit

    Probe Enclosure Development Kit
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    The Probe Enclosure Development Kit is a low cost, maintenance-free module designed for students, teachers, indoor growers and many others.


    • Rugged and Durable Enclosure 
    • Can withstand heavy use
    • Small in size, will fit in a 2.5 in. opening
    • Easily integrated within a variety of applications and sensor modules


    CM-0070 Probe Enclosure for Development Kit – Easy to use, probe enclosure securely integrates with CO2Meter ExplorIR®-W, ExplorIR®-M and CM-42950 MX Board. (Must be ordered with an additional CO2Meter Development Kit). 

    CM-0071 Probe Enclosure for Dev. Kit w/ Hydrophobic Filter – Same functionality as the CM-0070 with hydrophobic filter for high humidity environments. Integrates with CO2Meter ExplorIR®-W, ExplorIR®-M, and CM-42950 MX Board. 

    Use in applications such as caves, mines or anywhere humidity is very high (>95%). Easy to install, each kit contains a set of filters for 1 unit. 


      • Size: 3.1×2.4×1.3in (80×60×30mm) 


      • 90 days - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions

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        "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

        - Phillip Farrar
        Water Plant Superintendent

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