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PM3006s Outdoor Air Quality High Performance PM Sensor

PM3006s Outdoor Air Quality High Performance PM Sensor
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PM3006s Outdoor Air Quality High Performance PM Gas Sensor is designed as a linear light source-based module with laser scattering technology. It is designed to measure the quantity per unit volume of different particle size and can output particle mass concentration PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in μg/m³ at the same time via mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration.

This sensor also holds built-in Cubic auto particle identification technology for accurate measurement in different dust source for ambient air quality.


  • 4 channels concentration output PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in μg/m³
  • High power industrial grade linear laser, accurate identification
  • Vehicle-grade constant current sampling structure fan, ensure constant stable sampling flow
  • Cubic API technology for intelligent dust source identification
  • Wide working temperature -30℃~70℃, suitable for outdoor working environment
  • With voltage regulator design and EMC compatibility, strong antistatic ability.


PM3006s - outdoor air quality, high performance PM gas sensor

PM3006s Specifications

  • Operating principle: Laser scattering
  • Measurement range: 0~30,000μg/m³
  • Output channels: PM2.5, PM10 and TSP
  • Accuracy: PM1.0/PM2.5:<50ug/m³: ±5μg/m³;50~1000μg/m³: ±10%
    PM10: ≤100μg/m³: ±15μg/m³, 100~1000μg/m³: ±15%Reading
    TSP (Note 1): ≤100μg/m³: ±20μg/m³, 100~1000μg/m³: ±20%Reading
    Condition: -30℃~70℃, 50±10%RH, calibration instrument: Grimm
  • Data refresh time: 1s
  • Time to first reading: ≤ 8 seconds
  • Working condition: -30°C ~ 70°C,0-95%RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage condition: -40°C ~ 85°C, 0-95%RH (non-condensing)
  • Power supply: DC 5V±0.1V, ripple wave < 50mV
  • Working current: < 250mA
  • Standby current: < 25mA
  • Dimensions: W85*H74*D24.9 mm
  • Digital output: UART_TTL/I²C(3.3V/5V)
  • Lifespan: >5 years (continual working)


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