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CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms

CO2 Controller for Grow Room - CO2 Meter
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The RAD-0502 CO2 Controller with 2 Sensors for Grow Rooms provide a simple way to monitor and adjust 2 different CO2 levels in your indoor grow space.

The CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms is used in greenhouses, grow rooms, hydroponic farms, mushroom farms, or anywhere enhanced CO2 levels are used to maximize plant growth.

With the RAD-0502 you can ensure that your plants never exhaust their supply of CO2 and grow at their maximum potential under optimized conditions. At the same time, this controller helps you save money by insuring that only the right amount of CO2 is used during the light period.

If you are serious about growing, this is an ideal solution to control both high and low target CO2 levels and maximize plant yields, increasing profitability - in no time.


  • 🎯 ACCURATE: CO2 control for small or large facilities
  • 🏢 CONTROL: the ability to control 2 zones with 2 sensors
  • 🤏 CUSTOM: CO2 setpoints for high and low levels
  • 👨‍💻 QUALITY:  accurately measures 0-3,000ppm
  • 💡 BUILT-IN: temperature, humidity, and light sensors
  • 🔩 CONTROL:  control a CO2 generator or compressed CO2 tanks
  • ☁️ VERSATILE: modes for high or low CO2
  • 🕶️ DARK: Auto shut off during dark period to save CO2


  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor Grow Rooms
  • Hydroponics Rooms
  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Mushroom farms

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  • Measurement Range: 0-3,000ppm
  • CO2 Sensing Method: Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
  • Target Gas Ranges: 0-2,000ppm and 0-5,000ppm
  • Measurements: Requires 1 liter per minute of constant flow per channel
  • Resolution: 1ppm @ 0-1,000ppm; 10ppm above 1000pm
  • Dimensions: 4.96 x 6.70 x 2.65 inches
  • Accuracy: ±70ppm or ±5% CO2
  • Sensor Response Time: < 2 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Sensor Cables:  CAT5e
  • Relays: 2 relays, either (Normally Open) NO or (Normally Closed) NC


  • Power: Adapter 110/220 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 1 W max @ 115 VAC 60 Hz | 2 W max @ 230 VAC 50 Hz
  • Power Supply: <5A @ 250 VAC, SPST


  • (1) Indoor CO2 Controller
  • (2) Remote CO2 Sensors
  • (2) Relay Cables
  • (2) CAT5e Cables - 25' ft.
  • (1) Wall Plug Safety Strap
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
  • (6) Screws
  • (1) 110/220 VAC Power Supply
  • (3) International Power Adapters


  • 1 year - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions.


SV-1029 Solenoid Safety Shut-Off Valve

The 3/8 Inch Solenoid Valve is designed to turn CO2 tank regulator valve on and off via the relay connection. Power Supply is included.

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"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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