TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Analyzer

TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Analyzer - CO2 Meter
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The TecPen Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Weld Purge Analyzer is designed to provide accurate measurements down to 0% oxygen and up to 100% carbon dioxide when back purging with argon and CO2 gas mix during welding.

This portable O2 and CO2 analyzer will verify that there is no oxygen during argon back purging for TIG welding, or argon CO2 blend for MIG welding.

Should the gas be present it can disrupt the weld, and combined with the Tecweld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Analyzer you can achieve a perfect oxide-free, zero color weld - time and time again.

The TS-302 is most commonly used in MIG/TIG welding, Industrial Applications, or when verifying oxygen and CO2 shield gas. 


  • Provides accurate measurements down to 0% O2
  • Measures CO2 levels up to 100%
  • Prevents welding defects
  • Effective and long-life optochemical sensor
  • Can be used immediately, does not require warm-up time
  • Large, Easy-to-Read display during measurements
  • Data logging capabilities with USB transfer for Quality Control/Inspection
  • Saves product, time, and money - assists in producing top quality welds every time!


    • TS-300 - TecWeld 0-2,000ppm Oxygen
    • TS-302 - TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Monitor


    • Measurement range: 0-2,000ppm
    • Accuracy @ 0-500 ppm: 2% MEV**
    • Accuracy @ 500-1000 ppm: 3% MV*
    • Accuracy @ 1,000-2,000ppm: 4% MV*
    • Resolution: 1ppm
    • Response time at 25°C: < 15 seconds
    • Pump flow: 400mL/min.
    • Temp. range Min./Max: 14°F-140F° (-10°C-60°C)
    • Medium: Gas
    • Power supply: 5V USB and LiPo Battery
    • Storage Capacity: 4GB
    • Rechargeable battery life: > 3 hours per charge
    • Data Interface: USB
    • Temperature compensation: 50 - 86°F (10 - 30°C)
    • Display: OLED
    • Cleaning: no organic solvents, 40% EtOH
    • Parts touching sample: St.1.4404 / PTFE / glass
    • Case: Anodized aluminum
    • Protection: IP65
    • Manufacturer service Interval: 3 years
    • A lifetime of sensor cap: 2 years @ normal welding conditions and atmosphere, 60°C with proper filtering
    • Case with Device Weight: 2.45 lbs.
    • Case Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 3.25 inches
    • Device Weight: 0.50 lbs.
    • Device Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 1 inch
    • Sensor cap replacement interval: 2 years
    • Recommended customer calibration interval: 6 months

    TecSense sensors are CE, FCC, IC, KC, and MIC marked, and meet the requirements of ASTM F2714-08. The manufacturer is DIN ISO 9001/2015 certified.

    Please note: If the sensor device logs every 2s the storage will be maxed out in 900+days.


    • 1 year on Tecpen, 3 months on sensor cap. See CO2Meter Terms & Conditions.

    TecPen for Welding Handheld Oxygen and CO2 Sensor DataSheet Data Sheet (pdf)

    TecWeld O2 and CO2 Analyzer Manual (pdf)

    TecWeld Oxygen and CO2 Sensor System Info Sheet TecWeld Application Overview (pdf)

     EU Declaration of Conformity (pdf)

    calibration Factory Reset and Calibration Video


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    "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

    - Phillip Farrar
    Water Plant Superintendent

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