Sunrise LED CO2 Sensor

sunrise co2 sensor

CO2 sensors are getting smaller. Changes in optical path design and improvements in infrared LED light sources have enabled a new generation of small footprint CO2 sensors that combine low power requirements with good speed and accuracy for wireless IoT (Internet of Things) applications that use battery or solar power.

Now SenseAir AB of Delsbo, Sweden has entered into the small-format, LED sensor market with their new Sunrise Optical Solid State CO2 sensor. It uses a next-generation, low-power infrared LED that only requires 3V power, with peak current less than 125mA during a reading. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor air quality measurements from 400 to 10,000ppm CO2.

The SE-11 optical path design and coating are an evolution of many years, not just of R&D but customer application experience. SenseAir's patented Platinum Eternal Quality Coating improves on gold as the standard for reflection and durability.

This sensor is 34x20x12mm, or about 2/3 the size of a 9v battery. Because it is solid state, it uses no moving parts. Combined with its expected > 15 year life expectancy, the Sunrise sensor can be used in a high vibration environment like a hand-held meter or inside a moving vehicle.

How Good is the SE-11 CO2 Sensor?

So how good is the SE-11 Sunrise sensor? We tested it against SenseAir's K-30 CO2 sensor, arguably the word standard for high-production CO2 sensors. The test was conducted using the latest version of our free GasLab® software, which includes full support for the Sunrise sensor. 

SE-11 and K-30 CO2 Sensors Compared

From the graph, you can instantly see that the SE-11's performance is on par with the K-30. When combined with the same 15 year lifespan, smaller size and lower power requirements, we are confident the SE-11 Sunrise will become the next generation standard for OEM CO2 sensing technology.

High-Volume Production

The SE-11 Sunrise sensor was designed in collaboration with Asahi Kasei Micro devices (AKM), the parent company of SenseAir AB. The AKM Group is a global manufacturer of sensors, semiconductors and IC products for the consumer market and is a Tier 1 automotive supplier for products including radar, car audio, remote key-less entry, compasses, accelerometers and power control circuits.

Using AKM’s experience with LEDs, photo diodes and signal processing allowed SenseAir to bring the Sunrise to market with a proven IR-LED element and control circuit. At the same time, AKM’s experience with high-volume automated production allows the Sunrise sensor to be produced in large numbers with high quality.

Available Today

You can purchase the Sunrise CO2 sensor today. for easy integration into a variety of applications.

Senseair Sunrise Development Kit

Our CM-11 Development Kit (SDK) also is available and connects the sensor directly to a Windows PC using our GasLab® software and a standard USB cable. The CM-11 lets you communicate, configure and exercise the sensor.

You can see the background stream of communication output for reference. No FTDI cable is required. In addition, the CM-11 SDK AUX connector provides I2C and direct UART communication as well as other signals and power inputs.

Experience the Senseair Sunrise CO2 Sensor, and Speak to an Expert Today to find out if the SE-11 is right for you and your application. or 877-678-4259
For more information or to purchase the Sunrise sensor click here.

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