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CO2 Safety Monitoring and Delfino Farms

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Wineries

CO2Meter continues to work with many industries, leading professionals, and customers who all share the common goal in gaining precise, accurate, and reliable gas concentration measurements. Whether that be for safety, monitoring, or further analysis in their respective environments. 

With the fall season quickly approaching, we could not help but share one intriguing customer collaboration with Owner/General Manager, Christine Delfino Noonan, from Delfino Farms in Camino, CA. 

The Delfino Farms, is not like many other farms, as the establishment has been around since 1964 and today the legacy still lives on with the same family ownership. For the past 60 years, the farms has produced some of the most recognized baked goods (Joan's Apple Bakery) hard cider and deliciously crisp  wine (Edio Vineyards). 

The patriarch of the farm, Edio Delfino happened to grow up on a 20 acre vineyard in Italy thus taking his already known knowledge and bringing it to the states - continuing to study his passion at Cal Poly with a degree in Agriculture. Additionally, Edio held the Agricultural Commissioner position in El Dorado County, as well as co-founding the famous Apple Hill Growers Association in 1964. Today, the family recognizes his legacy by Edio Vineyards first vintage 2018 which is dedicated to their father, and grandfather.

Aside from the incredible legacy that continues at Delfino Farms, much like other wineries, breweries, and bakeries - the farm generates an abundance of carbon dioxide (CO2) during the wine production/fermentation cycle and the owners continue to stand by the importance of gas detection monitoring to further protect their employees and staff. 

It is important to note that many environments not only the winery, also utilize, produce, or give off carbon dioxide (CO2) in their respected environment. Whereas the brewery or winery would generate CO2 during fermentation, baking also using baking powder/baking soda to create yeast. These common ingredients work with other ingredients to release CO2. Furthermore, in baking during the proofing process when CO2 is produced, this hazardous but vital gas is what assists in applying pressure which makes the dough rise.

For any of these environments, whether it be the fermenters or brite tanks, or any enclosed space which stores/produces CO2 - it is important to understand that all of these areas should be monitored to ensure proper indication and alert individuals -  should CO2 levels exceed the normal thresholds. 

In discussing carbon dioxide (CO2) safety, we were thrilled to get a chance to interview owner of Delfino Farms, Christine Delfino Noonan, to gain a further glimpse into the history of the farm and her understanding as it pertains to CO2 in her industry.

In gaining Christine's feedback in regards to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) safety at the farm, CO2Meter was able to further gain insight to the importance of carbon dioxide in winemaking and the constant need for gas detection solutions in this respected and highly popular field.

CO2Meter: Christine, thank you for taking the time out to talk with us today. Tell us a little bit about your industry.  How did you get started, and what is the main mission?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "We are in the agriculture industry with a bakery, apple orchard, vineyard, and, most recently, a winery.  Our grandparents started this farm and we grew up here. We all went to Cal Poly and majored in Agriculture/Wine Industry and came home to start our winery, Edio Vineayrds."

CO2Meter: What are your fields specialty areas?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "Peter Delfino-Winemaking, Derek Delfino-Vineyards, and Christine Delfino Noonan-Hospitality."

CO2Meter: In your experience what has been the greatest change in your application, specifically regarding CO2?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "Overall, we think the biggest change is a more personalized experience with the creation of lighter, more delicate wines. Which we are very in favor of!"

CO2Meter: What has been the most important need or service you provide for your customers?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "The experience of tasting great wine overlooking the farm." 

Pictured Above, Delfino Family at the remarkable Delfino Farms

CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2Meter products, as you currently utilize the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm and SAN-10 Personal CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger. What has been the overall need for CO2 safety monitoring in your industry?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "CO2 safety monitoring. This is very important in our industry. CO2 poisoning is one of the most dangerous aspects of the wine industry. We use them to keep our cellar and tasting room employees safe."

Pictured Above, Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm 

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a Safety Provider, and utilize them for your business?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "To ensure we are being safe and keeping a safe environment for our Staff."

CO2Meter: Are you concerned more about compliance, safety, or analysis regarding CO2?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "Not one area particularly, but we do try to stay up to date and ensure we are providing the safest environment."

CO2Meter: Has anyone in your company or those around you experienced any unfortunate CO2 exposure incidents?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "No".

CO2Meter: In terms of #CO2SafetyMatters, how has CO2 impacted your business overall and what makes it important specifically in your application or environment?

Christine Delfino Noonan: "It is crucial for us providing a safe environment for our employees".

In addition to gaining industry feedback from Christine and the family at Delfino Farms, CO2Meter continues to recognize the large and continual evolving impact that carbon dioxide has continued to play in regards to the winemaking industry and many others. Understanding the importance of CO2 safety monitoring is critical to protect and ensure safety for employees, staff, and overall establishments. 

Like the family at Delfino Farms, whether you are looking to gain further education on fixed-wall mount systems like our RAD-0102-6, or personal "on-the-go" solutions like our SAN-10, we look forward to discussing your application further and ensuring CO2 safety across the globe.

For more information on CO2 safety solutions for your application speak to an expert today: Sales@CO2Meter.com or visit us, here.

For more information on Delfino Farms, please visit: http://delfinofarms.com/ 

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