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Indoor Agriculture Grow Facility and CO2Meter Solutions

Indoor Agriculture and CO2 Safety

CO2Meter has been fortunate to have forged great partner relationships with indoor agriculture facilities from across the globe. By doing so, we are able to provide both carbon dioxide safety and control devices in order to protect employees in facilities, all while managing CO2 levels in grow spaces.

For specific business reasoning, this large-scale cannabis and retail company has decided to stay "anonymous" but wanted to share their experience with CO2Meter for others in similar use cases and industries.

The company takes pride in their presence across the U.S. and currently holds one large cultivation facility with numerous dispensaries located around the states.

CO2Meter recently was able to interview their head of grow operations to discuss a bit about their experience with using CO2Meter safety devices and discuss a bit about their company. 

CO2Meter: 1) Tell us a little bit about your industry. How did you get started, and what is your main mission?.

Head Cultivator: "We are a large scale cannabis grow and retail company, currently with one main location and multiple dispensaries around the state. We have continued to grow in scale and as you may know the industry made huge gains in 2021 and we continue to see the success for the cannabis industry only continue to grow in 2022."

CO2Meter: What are your fields specialty areas?

Head Cultivator:  "Primarily indoor cannabis, at the facility only direct to commercial; at the dispensary direct to consumer."

CO2Meter: What are you trying to solve by using our products?

Head Cultivator: "We are using your Co2 Meters for multiple things. Due to recent regulations we are required to have an emergency air purge system in all areas Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is used. We use your safety alarms to signal our audible our Horn and it also sends signals to our intake and variable exhaust dampers to open when our threshold has been exceeded. We also use your alarms to send a signal to a central relay system that's attached to a large blower motor to increase speed to purge the air."

CO2Meter: Tell us about the device you chose for your facility specifically and any main features you feel are most important:

Head Cultivator: "I purchased your Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm (RAD - 0102-6) in order to meet specific safety requirements and protect our staff. Overall the device is easy to use and the multiple alarm signals are very useful..'"

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a Safety Provider, and utilized them for your business?

Head Cultivator: "Honestly, to date because of familiarity. We have seen CO2Meter throughout the web and we know that your products are common in this industry."

CO2Meter: After utilizing our product would you recommend it to others, why or why not?

Head Cultivator: "I would recommend it to others as it has a very easy interface for programming."

CO2Meter: When looking at our overall documentation and resources, what did you find the most helpful in terms of operation, configuration, etc.

Head Cultivator: "We tend to use the manual that comes with the device most frequently."

CO2Meter: What else would you mention in terms of overall experience with the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm?

Head Cultivator: "We use more than 20 of these sensors/alarms around our facility and have never had a problem. The CO2Meter company is overall extremely friendly and professional. If you are in a similar workspace like cultivation and CO2 alarms is what you need, this is your company."

As mentioned, this facility currently uses our CO2Meter Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm which can be found here. 

CO2 Safety Monitors and Controllers for Growers

In addition to the partnership with this cultivation and dispensary chain, CO2Meter has several key supplier partnerships all whom have found our Fixed/Wall Mounted Safety Devices or Portable/Handheld Safety Devices to be a huge factor when it comes to protection in the field and for their customers.

We continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements in order to assist our customer's and supplier's needs.

For more information visit our website, email us at Sales@CO2Meter.com or speak to an expert at (877) 678-4259.

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