CO2Meter gets ready for NFPA 2019

CO2 Fire Suppression System Inspection and CO2 Fire Suppression System Test Equipment

The 2019 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo® brings a combination of educational sessions, an enormous product and service exposition, and the largest network of fire professionals together in San Antonio, TX.  

The NFPA conference is one of the largest conference and exposition for fire professionals in the world. The NFPA prides itself on being able to provide key industry insight, education, and awareness on the codes as well as the latest innovative technologies the field has to offer.

CO2Meter has to be there!!

As NFPA members for the last 5 years CO2Meter has been able to share our industry knowledge with members to help educate them on the hazards of CO2, the need for monitors, and the ability to measure CO2 accurately and rapidly to meet NFPA standards for fire suppression testing.

CO2 is a crucial fire suppression agent and CO2Meter offers one of the only devices that meets NFPA 12 requirements for specific Class A, B, and C suppression standards.

At the 2019 conference and expo in San Antonio CO2Meter will be showcasing our new CO2 and O2 Sampling Data Logger to meet these NFPA 12 standards.  Additionally, our team will be highlighting devices for spacial monitoring to meet NFPA 55 and IFC 5307 standards for safety and personal CO2 safety detectors.

CO2Meter has partnered with industry leaders in safety and fire suppression testing to design and develop these innovative devices to meet a broad range of applications.   

One device that continues to exceed fire application and industry standards is the CO2Meter 100% CO2 Sampling Data Logger which was designed specifically to exceed NFPA 12 standards.

The CM-0003 is a portable, battery-powered 100% CO2 Sampling Data Logger designed to measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in enclosed environments or inaccessible areas.

We cannot wait to participate in the education, safety seminars and technological advancements that the 2019 conference will bring and look forward to seeing everyone in Booth #1085 to discuss CO2 Safety and Best Practices.

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