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Portable Multi Gas Detector with Data Logger

4 gas monitor

CO2Meter recently released its highly anticipated GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Detector to allow the analyzation and data logging of multiple gas concentrations from a single platform.

The CM-1000 was designed specifically for measuring up to multiple gases simultaneously including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2), Methane (CH4), Relative Humidity (RH), Ambient Temperature (AMB), Dew Point (DP), and Altitude (ALTI) - all vital measurements needed to be monitored in environments such as laboratories, life sciences, scientific, fire suppression, industrial, safety, food and beverage, and many more.

With the use of the GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Detector, individuals now have the ability to conveniently measure multiple gases in a single device with six distinct options for CO2 measurement range (1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, or 100%). In addition, the portable data logger also includes a large LCD backlit display, audible alarms, built-in data logging capabilities, and a micropump to simultaneously measure multiple gas concentrations through a single sampling port.

"The initial concept was to provide our customers with a truly customizable platform that allowed the customer to "build" the device they needed. Our team elicited feedback from key partners in life science, incubation, and fire suppression to understand the entire scope of their needs across multiple applications.  While it was a massive undertaking the GasLab® Pro has quickly become one of our most sought after devices.", stated VP of Business Development, Joshua Pringle.

In fact, CO2Meter uniquely designed the device with a special focus on those in fire suppression industries, as NFPA 12 requires testing at low, medium, and high points within the space. In addition, the suppression system must reach and hold specific CO2 concentrations over a given period of time.

"As long-standing members of the National Fire Protection Association we are delighted to continue to manufacture one of the only devices in the market that exceeds the expectations set out in NFPA 12", Pringle added.

Since CO2Meter, has designed one of the only devices that meet these requirements, we recommend using the GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger 100% CO2 model for those in fire suppression applications. Adding an 0-25% Oxygen sensor would allow for oxygen depletion measurements to also be recorded for this and other suppression applications.

It is important to note, that purchasers should recognize that if they purchase a single CM-1000, they will need to conduct three dump tests in order to complete NFPA 12 requirements. (CO2Meter offers a discount when purchasing three devices so that three points in the space can be measured during a single test). 

What the CM-1000 means for customers outside of fire suppression, is that instead of using a handheld gas detector that is limited to single gases or disposable fyrite tubes, now you are able to utilize the GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger and gain accuracy, reliability, longevity, with 64 sensor options! 

Yes, you heard that right. Any individual can customize and select their combination of target gases to be incorporated and choose from up to 64 sensor configurations, uniquely dependent upon their industry or use case.

"CO2Meter is delighted to offer the GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger so our customers and partners have a long-term solution to understanding and relying on accurate data about their processes.", noted CEO Travis Lenander. 

Lenander added "CO2Meter continues to take extreme pride in being recognized as the 'go-to' source in gas analyzation, detection, and monitoring.  We stand by our mission to ensure safety, education, and long-term support while continually developing and providing innovative solutions to customers worldwide."

We bring you the CM-1000, a new level of multi-gas detection so individuals can work across a variety of industries with peace of mind that their research data is being measured and collected accurately.

Additional GasLab Pro® Features Include:
- Gas Concentration Options: CO2, CO, O2, CH4
Includes: RH, AMB, DP, ALTI
- Additional Gases: any 20mm EC sensor can be added
- Six options for CO2 Measurement range: 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 100%
Please note: You can only have *ONE* CO2 sensor per device
Large, backlit LCD display for easy readability including on-screen graphing
Audible Alarms
- Data Logging with micro SD Card (suitable for all sizes, 16GB included)
- Li-ion rechargeable batteries lasting 30+ hrs

CO2Meter Director of Marketing, Morgan Morris, adds “Our team has been eager to release the GasLab Plus® Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger to our customers across a variety of applications and industries worldwide, as we know it will only continue to provide a truly high standard in sensing quality, reliability, and performance".

For more information on the GasLab Pro® Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger, contact us today, Sales@CO2Meter.com

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