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Testing Air Quality in the Home with Blogger Healthy House on the Block

Healthy House on the Block CO2Meter Air Quality Interview

Creating Healthier Indoor Air Environments

CO2Meter has always been a large advocate for creating healthier indoor living environments and providing customers with CO2 solutions. By connecting with individuals across the space and educating them on the importance of monitoring CO2 solutions - we all make the world a better place and can breathe easier.

While Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in itself happens to be an invaluable resource in defining proper CO2 levels not only for homes, but for offices and classrooms too; we could not help but notice another like minded blogger who also caters to promoting a healthier living space!

Amanda with Healthy House on the Block

Meet, Amanda with Healthy House on The Block, a passionate and certified building biology practitioner, who has created an online space towards keeping indoor environments healthier and free of toxins and contaminants.

The team at CO2Meter, was fortunate to be able to work alongside Amanda and utilize her expertise in the "healthy home" space in gaining her feedback on our own Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

By utilizing Amanda's expertise our team at CO2Meter was able to gain key feedback in the field and understand her take on the importance of monitoring CO2 within her own home, as well as the steps it takes to ensure her family's health always comes first.

We became quickly fascinated with Amanda's response to indoor air quality monitors (she's tried dozens!) and her real mission towards creating the healthiest living environments possible. Not only did we gather some new and creative home habits to incorporate on our own we gained further understanding on how to maintain this new "healthy home" style of living. 

An added bonus? CO2Meter was able to incorporate a full interview with Amanda on her use of the Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor and got a quick peek to her own healthy house university course on "Toxic Mold" and removing contaminants.

Below, we showcase the incredibly insightful interview with Amanda at HealthyHouseontheBlock.com and our CO2Meter team: 

CO2Meter: Amanda, Tell us a little bit about your blog? How did you get started, and what is the main mission or focus?

Amanda: "I have always had a love of houses and an interest in holistic health. I melded these two interests together to create Healthy House on the Block, where I help families create healthy indoor spaces to support their own health and wellness. We work together to eliminate toxins from their home and then move forward creating a system of healthy habits to support their indoor space."

    CO2Meter: That's fascinating. What are your specialty areas?

    Amanda: "The main focus of creating a healthy home is to eliminate as many toxins from the indoor space as possible. The main avenue I teach is to improve the indoor air quality through natural and mechanical ventilation. Another focus is in whole house inspections and all of the home’s systems and structure."

    CO2Meter: In your experience what has been the biggest advent/change in your industry recently?

    Amanda: "I feel like just the simple fact that people are becoming more knowledgeable about their indoor air and toxins is a HUGE change to our industry. While I still think that there’s a lot of educating that needs to be done, it takes a little focus off of educating so more emphasis can be put on changing the indoor space for the better."

    CO2Meter: What has been the most important need or service you provide for your customers?

    Amanda: "I think the most needed service that I offer has been guiding families to choose healthier building materials that won’t off-gas as much into their living spaces. Often times they find me in the midst of a remodel and need help choosing finishes that are low toxin and healthy."

    CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2Meter products (if any) and your experience with the Aranet4 Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor?

    Amanda: "I have worked with many different indoor air quality devices and I think the Aranet4 Home offers a good view into our indoor air, without being overly-complex. Families don’t have time to try to figure out what their device is telling them each time they’re curious about their indoor air quality. Being able to see quickly that the indoor air quality is good or bad is a huge benefit for them."


    Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor in Jessicas Home

    CO2Meter: In terms of overall operation, configuration, and ease of use, could you describe your experience of using the device and what it has provided to you so far?

    Amanda: "The set up was a breeze for me. After turning it on I downloaded the app and was ready to go. I feel like the instructions that came with the product were incredibly user friendly and easy to understand. So far I’ve been able to track my indoor CO2 levels, humidity and air pressure throughout the day to determine what I need to make some adjustments on at home."

    CO2Meter: Are your customers concerned more about compliance, safety, analysis, or indoor air quality regarding CO2?

    Amanda: "Definitely indoor air quality first as it relates to the health and wellness of their family. Second is analysis to see what can be improved upon at home as far as habits go."

    CO2Meter Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    CO2Meter: Have you compared other indoor air quality devices, like the Aranet4 Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor and how have they compared to this product?

    Amanda: "I haven’t compared them side by side, but I know that I really love indoor air quality monitors that also look at radon, VOCs and particulate matter as well as the things that the Aranet4 Home monitors specifically like temperature, relative humidity, and pressure."

    CO2Meter: With the upcoming trends and technologies emerging, what are a few trends that have become more abundant in your industry as it pertains to Air Quality?

    Amanda: "Obviously monitoring indoor air in residential homes is a huge one.  I also think the addition of air exchangers in new construction is another important trend that will help improve indoor air quality in homes across the board."

    CO2Meter: Would you recommend the Aranet4 Home Indoor Air Quality monitor to other readers? Why or Why Not?

    Amanda: "Yes! I think sometimes indoor air quality monitors can get really complex and be overwhelming and cumbersome to try to use and analyze the results. I like the simplicity of the device as well as the detail that it can provide if you want to know that. Most people just want to be able to look at the indoor air quality and know that it’s good. But there are definitely other families, like mine, that want to know what it was over the past few hours and see if there’s any way they could have improved the indoor air."

    Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    Live View of Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor Data

    CO2Meter: What are three main features that stood out particularly on this device, once you received the product?

    Amanda: "The biggest feature for me is that the device doesn’t require an outlet, which can make placement difficult.  I love that it can be brought from space to space depending on what a family’s needs are.  I also love that you can use the app to look at the past hours of indoor air quality readings.  It’s so insightful to correlate indoor air quality with habits at home during various periods throughout the day.  Finally, I think the relative humidity is a largely underrated part of indoor air quality and I encourage families to keep an eye on their levels at home.  An ideal indoor air quality can help lessen off-gassing of VOCs in the home."

    CO2Meter: If customers wanted to learn more about your business, what URL could we provide them with to gain further information?

     Amanda: www.healthyhouseontheblock.com

    Discover more information on Amanda and Healthy Home Living on YouTube, Here!

    CO2Meter would like to share a huge thanks to Amanda at Healthy House on the Block for providing such tremendous insight to the use of CO2 solutions such as the Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

    The team at CO2Meter could not be more proud of the relationships we continue to build with individuals across the globe and industry while further providing solutions towards creating a healthier indoor space.

    If you are interested in also learning more on indoor air quality solutions to implement into your own home or office space, email us today at Sales@CO2Meter.com or visit our website.

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