Why you should have a CO2 Alarm – First Hand Experience

No emergency or medical personnel were dispatched to CO2Meter, Inc. on the morning of Thursday, October 9 in response to a CO2 leak. No employees were injured at CO2Meter, Inc. during the leak incident. Any guess why? It’s because we have leak detectors all over our facility!!

Yes, even the “gas detection guys” can have an issue.

On October 8 our technicians were studying the effects of extremely low temperatures on carbon dioxide sensors. By using dry ice (the solid state of CO2), they were driving the temperature of the sensors and gas down to study the accuracy below zero degrees Celsius.

After finishing their research Wednesday evening, they placed the dry ice sample in the company refrigerator for temporary storage. Bad idea.

Michele Ferioli, our sales representative, was the first to enter the building on Thursday, October 9 and heard all the CO2 detectors in our facility sounding. She took a quick survey of the closest detector to the door and found the CO2 level to be at 1,500 ppm – safe but noteworthy. After opening the refrigerator to store her lunch, Michele noticed the CO2 levels jumped up immediately.

Michele conferred with Stephen Mandarano, our Operations Manager, when he arrived. They immediately began to ventilate the space while inspecting the facility. While several rooms showed elevated levels of CO2, none were unsafe or alarming.

We quickly determined that opening the refrigerator had allowed the CO2 to escape throughout the facility - driving up the CO2 readings.

While we were all extremely happy that no one was injured, and, while we were also delighted to see that our devices worked as intended, even “the CO2 experts” can have a leak once in a while.

“Better safe than sorry,” said Ray Hicks, CO2Meter, Inc. President.

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