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American Society of Safety Engineers Trade Show Review

by Josh Pringle, Director of Marketing

I know. I know. You are thinking, “Josh, you are grasping at straws now” by going to the American Society of Safety Engineers Annual Trade Show in Orlando, FL on June 9. I brought Ray along to keep me “grounded”- pun intended.

CO2Meter has a significant subset of customers that are the leaders in the safety community as well as being the driving force in safety and standards for their companies.

When most people think of safety in the workplace, they think of earplugs or yellow cones that say "slippery when wet." But the world of safety is so much more than that. From body harnesses for suspended operations to the proper floor coatings to prevent slippage, the ASSE Trade S how is an array of tools and technology to ensure the safety and welfare of employees.

What I learned at the show is that the fastest growth in the industry is in the technology arena. There were dozens of tech firms offering product like software to track trucking, automated safety controls for high speed production lines, employee monitoring, communication devices, process documentation and more.

However, Ray and I were most interested in the air quality devices that were available. We saw several 4-gas monitoring devices (Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, and Oxygen) that we are considering either carrying or creating our own. These are the four gases that are regulated most heavily by OSHA. We also saw some interesting devices for sound measurement, and to measure gases in confined spaces.

While at the show, we met with teams from Honeywell, GFG, and Bullard about current and future products. Ray spent some time with the team from Ion reviewing their sensor specifications.

By the end of the day, I'd seen enough industrial gloves, helmets, pants, earplugs, and safety goggles to fill a lifetime. Everyone seems to have the latest solution to a problem you didn't even know existed. But it was clear that whatever the show lacked in finesse was more than made up for by the dedication of these industry professionals. I'm glad they are thinking about my safety even when I'm not.

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