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Your Guide to Understanding Gas Types across the Industry

CO2Meter Your guide to Understanding Industrial Gas Types across the Industries


CO2Meter has been fortunate to work alongside and partner with many sensing manufacturers in the industry and we cherish the long-standing relationships with our partners. In providing the "Guide to Understanding Industrial Gas Types across the Industry" we know that we are providing an educational resource to further understanding the gases, gas detection solutions, and regulations across the world.

CO2Meter is known for designing and manufacturing great devices. Just as important is our reputation around the world for providing the education and support to assist our customers (and non-customers too) in accelerating their goals and ensuring gas detection safety for their establishment.

In this CO2Meter guide you will learn:
  • Differentiating Reactive vs. Nonreactive Gases
  • Purpose of each Gas Type vs. potential Hazards in the Field
  • Understanding Industries and the Importance of Gases in Application
  • Proper Gas Detection Solutions per Industry
  • International Regulations and Standards
  • and Much More!

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