Why CO2Meter does not charge for CO2 Safety Signage


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Why does CO2Meter not charge for CO2 Safety Signage?

The education and understanding of your employees is paramount towards ensuring their safety. One of our partners Environmental Safety and Health (EH&S) managers has a sign in his office that states, “Safety starts with three words. "Awareness Awareness Awareness”. 

We at CO2Meter could not agree more.

One of the most critical components to creating employee awareness is proper documentation and signage. It used to be that a manager would hand you a manual or datasheet, tell you to read it and give you a quiz to see what you retained. Maybe, just maybe, you would get a refresher training once a year if you were lucky.

Then as the years went by, we moved to quick start guides and visual aids to further help employees learn more effectively and efficiently. These new guides were more like IKEA instructions then real training aides. In addition, the likelihood of a quiz or refresher was out the door too.

Today, the information needs to be instantaneously understandable or in a video format to further ensure understanding. Now, YouTube can teach you just about anything from origami to the banjo, and everything in between. 

And trust me, our team at CO2Meter loves videos.

But what all these training aids, tools, and video platforms can not do is be present at the instant they are needed. Rifling through a drawer or file cabinet to find a manual from 10 years ago is going to take minutes off your response time. Calling other managers or employees to ask them if they remember what to do will also take minutes as well.  And even Siri's smart capabilities to pull up that training video, most likely will not be quick enough in a severe circumstance.

When lives matter and are on the line, you need to have correct and repetitive training, along with correctly placed and clearly instructional safety signage to reference instantaneously


The team at CO2Meter would never impinge on your need to clearly and effectively indicate to employees what their responses should be in the event of an emergency. They have seconds to react correctly because every moment counts when dealing with gas leaks.

Does your establishment need CO2 safety signage?

Did your supplier not provide you with the correct safety signage when they installed the devices?

Don’t want to pay $25 for safety signage? 

Contact the technical sales and support team at CO2Meter and we will provide you with the PDF files you need to easily print in order to be compliant and safe in your establishment.

Because let's face it - you, your team, and your establishment's safety is important to us!

Please note: In some states, if you are storing/using gases like CO2, nitrogen, Argon, helium, oxygen or other gases you are required to have the proper NFPA 704 diamond placards affixed to your point of entry to warn HAZMAT teams and first responders about what gases are stored inside.

Please contact your gas supplier to ask them to properly affix that signage for you – at no cost. It is their responsibility.

For more information, please visit us at www.co2meter.com or email us at Sales@CO2Meter.com

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